Saturday, June 25, 2011

R.I.P. Li'l Acer

WOW. Where to begin? Well, let's start at the part where my computer really and truly died this time. Then we could skip the crying and tantrum throwing and get to the part where I cannot function at the library (where I believe is the only public access to computers in this shrinky dink little town... bitterness only happening when something like this happens... if I am wrong and there are other public access computers here please let me know!) due to wait lines, overdue book fees and/or ridiculously slow connections... I guess that sums up the part where I have COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED from the face of the planet! Not kidding, not only have I not been able to blog, but I have missed so much of my social calendar because apparently without the blasted world of facebook, I can't keep track of the Ws in my life! Ugh... HUGE appologies to all those people who think I fell into the lake... I actually was asked downtown the other day if I had left town and was back for a visit. Note to self: must leave the house more.

I have not been completely idle, I think of more things to blog about when I am without an outlet apparently, probably one of Murphy's Laws... but now that I have the screen of my mother's computer's in front of me and a time limit, I am trying to put them in order of most interesting and it's all comming up a jumble. I just got off the phone with a lovely gal from T. who writes for an e-zine called the Broken Pencil that covers the indie arts scene. She is doing a series of pieces outlining the attributes of small towns and their vibes across Canada, which I of course think is brilliant! I can't wait to see what she writes up about our lovely wee piece of indie heaven. She has spent a couple of days here, so she was at least able to breathe the air and eat some good food to give her a jumping off point.

Not my feet.
There are plans in the works for our own little flash mob and the last rehearsal is tomorrow, so if you are local and want to get involved, let me know and I will send you deets. For those of you unfortunates that live elsewhere, I'm sure there will be somebody who will throw it up on Youtube and I will link it up whence it happens! I am totally excited and also completely terrified... been awhile since I have been considered a performer :) Should make for a really good laugh for you all!

I would love to say summer is in full swing here, but since we have had nothing but torrents of rain and thunder for weeks and weeks, my garden party hasn't happened, and, well... what else was there? Sigh. I am just destined to not be the social diva I once was? Or perhaps the gods are merely seeing this as a big huge joke... my gorgeous garden which I have waited so long for went from crazy happy and lush to simply drowned. The weeds are doing supremely and are quite colourful, so I am keeping them. I can plead ignorance when the MIL comes to visit :)

I think that the only other thing I can do with no access to my inspiration files of photos, or time to browse around the net and such is to thank you all for still visiting. I was astounded when I went to the stats page, ready to see the slow climb back down to zero only to see that you all are still checking in! Warmed the cockles of my heart... is that right? Cockles? In the heart? I may have that expression all wrong, but warmed me it did... and I am sending you out the biggest most sunshiny hug possible! I will try very hard to make my new computer come as fast as possible... promise! Mwah!