Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Digs... and New Perspective

Has anyone else had a crazy life for... say... the last eight months? I have been working through some of the craziest stuff since last May, so maybe even more than eight. Completely random and unforeseen and not necessarily bad... in fact not bad now that I can look back at it all in hindsight. Chaotic, yes. But all in all really all necessary to find the place I didn't know I was looking for. I moved. For five months. I know... THAT's a long time... but I somehow got it into my head that the place we were in was costing too much, and wasn't worth the investment of fixing it... which was true. What I didn't realize was that my area has an insane shortage of decent housing. So we started to make preparations for moving... and started packing... and looked and looked.......

...and looked and looked. Months, literally MONTHS of looking for a new place while needing to be out of the old place and living month to month with less of an idea of what was going on every day. It took us to the point where we were out of our place without having a new place ready. Everything in storage, trying to sort out what was "important" to keep close and what to put away for what was looking like an increasingly long time. We rent, so it became a bit of a juggling act to pay month to month and to not know where we would be in the coming month. Trying.

In addition, while I was still in the mindframe of the beginning thought that it would take a month to move, I decided to take on the planning of a wedding show. Because that's what I do. I have this innate ability to take something uncomplicated, make it more complicated... and then make it the most complicated it can be... and then add a few things to the To Do list. You know, just for fun. I actually enjoyed planning the show intensely, and it went over well considering all the things that happened behind the scenes. I love having a project, and for me the bigger the better. But I wasn't supposed to be moving for the ENTIRE planning and execution of it. I literally landed in the new place  two weeks after the show.

In the end, (or the beginning, depending on how you look at it) I can see that it has all worked out better than had I simply moved the way I had intended. I was far more careful about where we moved TO and have in a round about fashion created some amazing connections and built a support network that I think is so important in any business... and in life! So I am now breathing again and today is the first day in... an awful lot of days that I get to sit here and write something. SO I turned my computer on and had no idea what to write about. So this is it. Now that I have this off my chest I shall get back to our regular scheduled programming. Tomorrow I will write about my NEW favourite movie, Anna Karenina.

Thanks for being patient :)



theplantgardener said...

housewarming blessings~

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