Monday, August 24, 2009

Like a Rough Diamond

I was looking for something to use as a punch bowl for my sister's surprise birthday party last weekend and thought I would check out one of our thrift stores. I am an AVID thrift store shopper, in fact, I very rarely shop anywhere else. I do think that it takes a good eye to find what you are looking for there, but while people think that means you must have a talent for and understanding of the principles of good design, I think it is actually more a matter of being able to sort the junk out in your head and see past it to the good stuff. The sheer amount of stuff is generally more of an issue than seeing good shape. I hear people say all the time things like they loooooove that sofa, but would rather have it in another colour. Well, this is sort of the same thing, no?

So I didn't find a punch bowl, but I did find a fabulous sofa that I hope goes to a really good home. I have a thing for shoes, dishes and chairs /sofas, the latter being a bit of a problem as I live in a teeny small space. I think with a few alterations though, this could be a very nifty piece. The colour is very off in the last photo, and the lighting was atrocious (they don't put much effort or funding into the store's decor,)

Just a thought.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alert: Mostest Fabulous Tag Sale!

Oh, for my Jetsetting people (Pauline, Katrina, Eve... this means you! Do me proud...) this is a must see! I have seen a few of these posted as of late and I think the idea for having designers and/or artists collaborate like this is brilliant. What a way to get a peek into the lives of those who are sometimes untouchable and see the 'people' side of them. Who doesn't like to play voyeur... isn't this why we are blogging? :) The IMPOSSIBLY FABULOUS bonus here is that the items up for perusal are to be had for actual tag sale prices! Starting at five bucks and nothing over $200! I am willing to bet there will be more than a few good deals to be had... please send me photos. If I could figure out how to wiggle my nose to get myself there and back within 24 hours... oh well. August 8th for those who can!

... Up Where the Air is Clear

So today I casually brought up the idea of planning a treehouse for next year at my parents new property. I have always wanted to build a tree folly and I believe every child should grow up with one but until now we simply did not have a place to put one. While my boys would most likely be happy with a ladder and a platform (and a coat of turquoise paint as my six year old is intent on adding as much colour to the world as possible...) I have always come at a project with the "go big or go home" mentality.

A few years ago I became obsessed with the Duchess of Northumberland's tree castle at the Alnwick Gardens. The project was a collaboration with the Prince of Whales to create what was to become the largest public gardens in Europe and the creativity and talent that went into them is nothing less than astounding. I followed their progress until the website changed over to basic tourist information. Many of the photos were unfortunately removed, but if you are ever able to put this on the itinerary for an excursion, I believe it would be more than worthwhile!

Not so long ago, the spherical treehouses from Free Spirit Spheres that originated on Saltspring Island (a place I once lived) made the rounds on sites such as Inhabitat and other design oriented blogs.

These are funky... still not my style though.

But these! Now this is something I could spend a great deal of time in... hell, this is something I could throw a great deal of martini socials in! I'm sold. They are prefabricated in Germany and I may have to sell a kidney just to cover the shipping, but there are some things in life that you just have to sacrifice for...

Baumraum has created dwellings that sit amongst the treetops in countries all over Europe and as far as the U.S. and Brazil. Just a trip through the galleries on their site has me dreaming of what fantastic things can be done thinking outside, and in this case, waaaaaay above, the box.

What do you suppose the chances of hoisting a retrofitted Airstream into a tree are? Fabulous, me thinks.