Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

I figured this was fitting... I am less interested in the political stance around Marie Antoinette than the above statement. It seems just perfect for an over-indulgent, opulent and many pastried social event. I suppose my new credo is when in doubt, guild it!

I have a friend who carries the badge of "foodie" like a God given proclamation, and she has taken it upon herself to appoint each lovely piece of my pink depression glass collection with its very own special stack of pastries. Most of them I cannot pronounce, but I have complete and total faith. It is amazing to what extent one can carry a colour scheme. Lavender macaroons, who would have thought?

My wig arrived today and I think that once I figure out how to affix my three feet of hair beneath it, it will be fabulous! I dunno about the corsets of the time, a bit ruffly for me, but the fabrics are gorgeous and it always comes down to a stunning swath of silk for me. I am so excited...

I am having to wait out the structural renos to my space before I can paint, but there are some very intense painting days ahead my friends. I have a surrealist painter and a serious costume lover on my team and we shall create a space not for the faint of heart, I promise! (Think Holly Dyment.)

Oh, just for the record, Marie-Antoinette should be forgiven for the cake statement, as it wasn't her. Not only that, but at the time, it seems, it was an entirely correct political statement to make. Just sayin'...

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