Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alert: Mostest Fabulous Tag Sale!

Oh, for my Jetsetting people (Pauline, Katrina, Eve... this means you! Do me proud...) this is a must see! I have seen a few of these posted as of late and I think the idea for having designers and/or artists collaborate like this is brilliant. What a way to get a peek into the lives of those who are sometimes untouchable and see the 'people' side of them. Who doesn't like to play voyeur... isn't this why we are blogging? :) The IMPOSSIBLY FABULOUS bonus here is that the items up for perusal are to be had for actual tag sale prices! Starting at five bucks and nothing over $200! I am willing to bet there will be more than a few good deals to be had... please send me photos. If I could figure out how to wiggle my nose to get myself there and back within 24 hours... oh well. August 8th for those who can!

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