Monday, March 22, 2010

Hip Hip Hoopla

I am loving this series of photos and the hilarious captions that go with. It has been keeping me company for awhile now and I think I should share on the off chance that there are others who have yet to fall upon it. I think the world needs more bits of funny, don't you? About time this "Modern Life" obsession the design world and all its followers covet and portray are tossed about a bit, no?

It started with basic doodles: turtles, butterflies, and the like. Then, he began diagramming string theory and spouting principles of quantum physics. His parents were horrified.

(Photo: David Duncan Livingston; Dwell)

He had no intention of ever riding it, or even fixing it. But he decided from this moment forward, all visitors would enter to find him in exactly this position.

[vehicular cruelty]

(Photo: Gregg Segal; Dwell, October 2009)

Also this.


kimberj said...

Unhappy Hipsters is on my "must see daily" list of blogs as is yours! Have you seen Cake Wrecks or Sleep Talkin Man? They are must see also. Have nothing really to do with my hobbies and questionable skills but they make me laugh EVERY day! Check them out :)

andrea of ffft said...

A friend just sent me a link to the Cake Wrecks blog, which is hilarious... but I have to check out the Sleep Talkin Man site, even the name is great! Thanks for visiting! I agree whole heartedly, a laugh every day is the only way to live!

Three Owls said...

this is hilarious... but as an aside... that fabulous stack of vintage suitcases peeking out from the corner is FABULOUS!!
I know I missed the point... but what a stack :)