Saturday, April 3, 2010

Such Pretty Things in Matramoniville

OK, so now I am on a roll... I am trying to send out some PR for these Celebration Quilts for wedding season and having done the last post, I seem to just be happy getting sidetracked into hours spent going from one exquisite photo to the next. How unbelievably stunning is this? I am so doing this this summer, even if it seems extravagant for a barbecue. Seriously, anyone who knows me at all would not be surprised :)

The image above comes from Dog n'Bird, which is completely worth all the button pushing it will take to get over there and peruse through the pages of stunning ideas... whether you are in the market or not. SO many nifty ideas and pretty things to look at.

I found them through which is just a compilation of fabulous wedding details and links to their surrogates. Worth checking out also because, let's face it, weddings are just fun to look at. Hey, is it spring? Must be. They also had a pic of the most amazingly divine cupcake in existence from Sugarbloom in Perth (via love and lavender, also a pretty brilliant site).

I am all about anything with random script, if I could get a pattern for it I would sew everything with script on it. This is my plan for my upcoming Marie Antoinette party, but shhhh, do not tell anyone! Speaking of which, which we were not! Anyone know where one can purchase online good quality chocolate quail eggs? Just curious.


Three Owls said...

ok... so round cakes and somehow blow glass and fill it with live flowers... gotcha.. I better go and get started :)

Sunny Haralson said...

Those quilts are gorgeous-
I need one that says "I Will Stab You" can you do that for me? Seriously. I will pay.

andrea of ffft said...

LOL... I searched all over for the glass things, but although this picture has been reposted a few times, I can't find them. I was actually referring to the cupcakes, but if you think we should do up a few hanging glass flower holders... :)

harlow said...

I love the seems like it would be a miracle to pull off though!