Monday, December 12, 2011

Colour Palettes for Christmas Decorating

Gatherings Magazine posted a question to it's followers last week on it's facebook page. "What is your favourite Christmas colour scheme?" I was not surprised by the answers, there are a few tried and true palettes that work with Christmas whether it be a classic look you're after or a natural one... or even up to the topmost branch in sweets and confections! It's generally the first thing (right around Halloween) that comes into my brain, and typically I don't sway much from the first inspiration.

Last year, we moved into our house on Halloween, and immediately I knew we had to paint the walls green. Very green. I also knew that I wanted them shiny to reflect the warm glow of the candles and tree lights.  Four coats later, while not as lacquer shiny as I had wanted, they were very green. I intended greens upon greens using texture to define and add elegance. I usually go for all out fun, so this was quite a departure for me. I used metallic hits to break up the green, but for the most part it was layers of green in glass, china, fabrics and cut branches. I loved it.

This year, I want to do natural and neutral. Specifically slate gray with birch. I'm not allowed to repaint. I usually get my way here. I am confused. I know in my head EXACTLY what I want, and generally it would have been sorted well before this point. I keep wading through the decor and starting to put things up but the scheme just doesn't work with the green walls and I take everything back down and put it back in the box.

Weeeellll.... the middle of the month approaches. I simply must change my direction, and I refuse to repeat the decor of last year (yes, YOU try explaining the logic of that to the man) so I am left in a panic. BUT, my lovely eight year old and four year old sons have come to my rescue. The other day, while perusing Pinterest to look at craft ideas, they pointed out that many of my images had a green and aqua thing going on. They both LOVE turquoise and aqua and they are sold. It has taken me a couple of days... but it's possible that we have it.

My question now is do we stick to greens and various blues with silver? Or do we throw in a lavender or a pink? Whichever way you mix it in, it seems that this is a nice balance between my all out crazy fun (think Dr. Seuss or the one year that mustard and violet were the IT combo) and my new adult attitude. What do you think?

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