Sunday, November 24, 2013

Free Owl Calendar 2014!

One of my favourite things to put into the advent calendars, as a small gift, is... a CALENDAR! Because I have become a huge fan of The Owl Barn's annual free OWL Calendar. The artwork is always gorgeous and you get to choose your favourite twelve designs to use which means you can actually customize them to fit each person's aesthetic. I mean, owls... even if they WEREN'T super trendy for four years and counting, they would still be an awesome calendar of art! Click on that pretty button to your right to see all the designs for this year. I have kept the other buttons too simply because I adore the artwork and have been known to go back and print out a past month to use the imagery on cards and such.  Enjoy!


William James said...
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William James said...

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Loop the Loop vintage homeware said...

looks lovely x