Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Served Up In Style

A few months after I first moved to Nelson, I was invited to an "alter-ego" party where you were meant to dress up the part. Not knowing anyone in town yet and knowing these people to be theatrical, I figured that I should dress as a German dominatrix. I ended up getting quite friendly with a German. He was dressed as a woman. Where am I going with this? Well, pottery of course! This nice fellow invited me to his place a few days later to "cook a big fish." He didn't strike me as the domestic type, (he was over six feet tall and wearing a rather bright orange dress that was a few sizes too small when we met so forgive me for not getting a clear picture,) so imagine my delight when presented with the most stunning salmon dish served with organic greens and roasted walnuts over some sort of divine cheese concoction. My favorite part of the meal however was what he served it on. His roomate was a potter and the entire meal was served in the most unbelievable pottery. Each dish was completely different and even the salt and pepper shakers were beautiful works of art. The food would have been delicious regardless, but there was something about eating off of handmade, one of a kind earthenware that made the dinner an experience.

I have a penchant for sets of dishes, but it is my goal to collect dishes that go far beyond normal plates and bowls. I have completed my trove of pink depression glass and I would like to compile a collection that is more artistic now. These fit the bill. Organic, textured, a beautiful balance of colour and sophisticated greys. A natural but artistic look of high quality. All from the beautiful etsy studio of Lois Aronow from Brooklyn, New York. (I love that her influences include Antoni Gaudi.) Lovely.

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The Lil Bee said...

I love these too, and what a hilarious story!