Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I watched a movie last night. I don't do that much anymore it seems. Once it actually dawned on me that I actually had the time to watch a movie, I had to figure out what to watch. Sometimes not watching television has its downsides. Like not having the first clue what movies have come out in, say, the last five months? So I took my brother's advice and scoured the Rotten Tomatoes site for some input on no brainer comedies that don't involve Will Farrell. What came up was Bounty Hunter. Not for the title, which immediately made me think of my son's obsession with Boba Fett. Nor for the actors, Jen Aniston and that other guy who I have never heard of before (yes, I am that out of the popular culture loop... I couldn't even tell you what Brittany's newest song is called). And not for the lame sounding plot which was slightly less lame than what I expected. No, I didn't watch it for any of these reasons, I watched it for a far greater and soul sating purpose.

To see the wallpaper.

One of the RT reviews said that the acting was what was expected, the plot was what was expected, and that the movie was a cute watch with some funny moments. It also said that the design and execution of the apartment that Jennifer Aniston's character, Nicole, resides in was stunning.

And it was true! The minute her bounty hunting ex breaks into her abode, I was sucked in! And immediately I wanted to live in a light filled, black-lacquer doored, silvery wallpapered apartment with a colour scheme that is far more feminine and girly than I am used to.

(As a bonus, the fact that I wanted to post the photos here forced me to finally learn how to do a screenshot. You can find instructions for anything online.)



Three Owls said...

ok... so now I need to find time to watch a movie too... love that chair and the blues... lovely.

Samantha Levang said...

Haha! I still don't know how to do a screen shot, and I most certainly plan on procrastinating until I absolutely need to use it.

Mary Catherine said...

such an adorable apartment. I wasn't really planning to see this movie but now I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing!

Shugee said...

Andrea, I this post and your blog is fantastic! I'm off to read more!