Thursday, May 20, 2010

Show Some Love!

Wow. Has it really been that long since I did a post? Crazy. I apologize. I have actually done away (almost) with the guilt of not posting every day by realizing that I follow a kazillion blogs and so probably most others do as well. This way, I am not crowding your day with tons and tons to read. Right? LOL... ok, I will try to get on here more. I wish I could say that it is because I had nothing to post about but the truth is that I have at least ten things a day that I say "Oh, I have to blog that!" and I take pictures and everything and then all of a sudden it is 1 am and I can't think straight, let alone be witty and charming and somewhat intelligent. Like I said, working on it.

We're pretty sure it's love.

Anyhow, I have found this nifty little link that I thought I would bring your attention to while I have it. Do you see that cute little paw print in the right hand column under those stunning quilts that somebody put there? Well it takes you to a site where just clicking a button helps rescued animals get fed. I know we are all very busy people but we all have hearts in the right place, don't we? Well, since you just happen to be visiting, and hopefully you will visit again, I am making it easy for ALL of us to make a bit of a difference. A bowl of food for a hungry animal makes a HUGE difference for them. If you were so inclined as to put the same link on your blog, you can find it right on their front page.

Luna is everything girly, INCLUDING being polite and dainty.

I took the time to read it for you and they help shelters and different causes in a few different countries, which made a difference to me, what with being in Canada. There are cute little blingy things to buy for you or your pet and they tell you exactly what the money made from that purchase goes towards. My darling little Luna (whom I rescued from next door but not a shelter) will be getting a pretty little charm (14 bowls of food) for her collar and Sulu (who was taken in so he wouldn't end up on the street... yes, some people!) will get something too if he can go for more than one week without breaking something!

The only time Sulu is not breaking something or just
generally causing a disturbance is when
he sleeps, of course, here he is sleeping on clean laundry.

If you are looking for another group in a similar vein, the simply gorgeous Mel over at L'il Bee has her own rescued pups that she regularly finds ways of supporting. There are few things in life that give back as much as a rescued animal... the initial good feeling that comes from knowing that you helped out another sentient being is far surpassed by the laughs and warm fuzzies you get daily... even from Sulu.

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