Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Couch Cushion Architecture

It has been awhile since I have seen genius that made me laugh like this. Whoever is writing this is brilliant... and so are the "architect/builders"... well, most of them :)

Visit this blog for a really stinkin' good review of the latest Couch Cushion Architecture...

"The crisp, orthogonal structure is, in a way, camouflaged by the informality of the landscaping. While a clear bifurcation exists between site and structure, we give high marks to the close coordination of architect and landscape architect in using similar materials to exaggerate the divergent design concepts. Grade: B+"

"We greatly admire the use of coffee table as lateral moment-frame in this application. The solution is both formal and fun, offering the users a sequence of experiences beginning with the entry to vaulted ceiling to raised deck. Grade A-"

... and it gets better! The BUILD blog is new to me, but worth a go through :)


Suzy Q said...

That's funny! That's my kind of house. How could you come home without smiling?

andrea said...

Aww I used to do that when I was a kid :) Nice blog by the way.

Karen Wallace said...

Hello Andrea! Lovely blog. Hope you are well. I have a blog Art Therapy Reflections, if you want to visit. Patrick and I have been on Denman Island most of the summer. Give your parents a hug for us. Love Karen

Hope Ava said...

Thanks so much for the great big smile that put on my face! I spent many happy hours with friends doing exactly that during my childhood. My parents still have that old couch too...wood frame with the ugliest (but most versatile) cushions/building material. Many forts/castles/hideouts/dungeons/shops/ships were invented with those cushions!

Hope you're having a great summer!
Hope Ava