Monday, February 14, 2011

Aesthetic Dominion: Cartolina's Latest

I have been a fan of Cartolina for years. I am a bit of a stalker on Fiona's site, I visit hers probably more than any other blog on the net and never EVER find it to be dull. Always inspiring, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness... ever to the point of distraction. I actually live in the same town as she does, which is the sweetest little arts town in North America, so I feel very lucky to have her as a neighbour! Such talent we have here in the Koots :)

Fiona has been a busy little bee the past year... well, truth be told, I don't think she ever rests. She and her husband were the ones who opened my favourite place to have chai and a muffin, The Dominion Cafe, and although they haven't owned it for a few years it is almost the same today as it was then, which shows you that she has a good eye, excellent taste, and knows what she is doing in business. These days she is putting all of that talent into evolving her "pretty things" business, Cartolina. And by "evolve" I pretty much mean world domination.

I am not one who would jump at the first chance to marry art with something high tech, because, well I am not high tech and really don't understand any of it. I don't have a cell phone... yeeesssss... that's right, I don't own one. I had one years ago, I have gone through two actually. I never used them. I either can't keep the bloody thing charged or I have forgotten to get more time for it (the first one I got a three year plan and used it maybe ten times) and it is generally taking up space in my bag for literally no reason. If I DID have a cell phone, I would be grabbing that app I mentioned on Valentine's day. I love the idea of sending something so gorgeous in such a simple way. I love that Cartolina has taken these images that are inspired so obviously by vintage artwork and created something so modern, not only in an aesthetic sense, but also in the way they are used.

I purchased my first Cartolina card eons ago in a Nelson boutique. I didn't realize they were a local company and felt that I needed to buy it in case I couldn't find them again. I bought it solely to frame. I am delighted that she has recently made framable prints for sale in a Cartolina etsy shop. Her first etsy store! They would make gorgeous housewarming or wedding gifts.

Most recently, she teamed up with Lief, Leuk & Eigen to create the most adorable Baby Collection of announcements. They are customizable with regards to names and dates etc., and most importantly, are not the typical cutesy thing that most baby products have going on.

I adore these! They are available online at Leif, Leuk & Eigen's site.

Of course around here it goes without saying that my favourite part of the Cartolina way of doing things is making something so beautiful without losing touch with the importance of our planet. Cartolina cards are printed on recycled paper that comes with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. The FSC represents products produced from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood. The cards are printed with vegetable based inks and their printer was named Most Environmentally Progresive Printer in Canada for the last 5 years at the Environmental Printing Awards. Brilliant all around.


Fiona Cartolina said...

Well it's nice to know someone is paying attention!
Thank you for this lovely summary of all my creative adventures. I feel quite exhausted just reading about myself ;-)
Can't wait to see you at the market this summer!

Hope Ava said...

Gorgeous! Thanks so much for introducing me to her wonderful work and her etsy shop! And thanks so much for the sweet words on The French Mouse...I'm so glad you enjoyed the Sarachmet post!

Hope Ava

Siara said...

Unlike you, I am addicted to my cell and as luck would be, I have an iphone and have gone straight out and downloaded Fiona's app and it ROCKS. I love it and am looking for every excuse to send out fancy notes! Thanks!

andrea of ffft said...

I am so glad to have turned at least a couple more people on to her work, she is such an incredible talent!