Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finder's Keepers

I am so in love with this idea... I have a friend who has a friend who did the "Goddess Project" last summer and hid one hundred Goddess statues all over the Kootenays. It happened to be during one of those lovely periods where my computer was down, or I would have blogged the heck out of it... but now I see it happening again in Vancouver! LOVE THIS!

Finders Keepers is a project created by Vancouver–based artist, Jasna Sokolovic. By placing two
hundred ceramic heart magnets around Granville Island for people to find, share and if inspired, to report back to her website, she has found a way of promoting herself, her love of 3D street art, and LOVE with her community. Who doesn't love a good treasure hunt? Get out there NOW and find one! (...and please bring your camera and take a photo of where you found it, and what you will do with it so you can share on her site... I am excited to see what people post!)

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