Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am SO ready for Spring! Had the most beautiful sunny day today and fully realized how gorgeous this place is going to be when I can get a garden going in our "forest". The lot next to us is on a very steep grade and not built on so it has just been left to get mossy and grow maple trees. I am transplanting violets and woodland flora in my head as I type... ahhh :)

1. ??? 2. Ruche 3. Paper Machier 4. hammerman on Etsy

So I suppose that the garden is represented somewhat by number four... and even though I put this together because I was looking for blush pinks and tangerine yellows, I must have also been subconsciously planting tulips, planning an Easter egg hunt for the mossy forest and organizing my sewing area. How lovely!

Also, notice how I discovered putting pretty numbers in the photos as well! I love picnik! FAR too much fun to be had when I should by every right be finishing the latest quilt, making woodland animal masks for the Homeschool Group's rendition of Snow White, and making spinach lasagna! Go Domestic Diva! (Insert laugh track here...)

Oh, PS... I feel kinda odd wishing anyone a Happy Saint Patrick's day, what with the background et all... but good luck to all of you finding the end of your rainbow and your very own pot o gold!


craftylittlemonkey said...

Do you know about this site Andrea?
Amazing self-sustaining gardening. You only have to do the work once then it's all harvest and none of that other stuff. I'm highly enamoured of this way myself... Just need some land :P. Until then I'm looking into window gardening, look that up too, it's nifty! XO!

Wendy Kelly said...

You linked to the KHE Snow White blog!!! Yea!!!
Thank you : )