Monday, July 22, 2013

That moment...

...when it's too hot to think, but you are in the furnace/kitchen making quesadillas and bruchetta even though you aren't actually hungry because that's what mom's do... and you are arguing about how they are actually from two DIFFERENT countries in a rather joking manner with your kids etc so you forget that when you made the uber most awesomest smoothie in existence for your fighting but adorable spawn because THAT"S HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM... you've already unscrewed the lid to the blender and when you pick it up by the lid like you always do even though you shouldn't and you know better, it doesn't just fall over, or drop on the floor... nooooo.. it bounces in three different directions and sprays the glorious smoothie in the excruciatingly hot kitchen ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. WALLS. CUPBOARDS... and YOU.

 Yes. That moment.

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