Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspired By The Garden of Life- Doshi Levien

This year in Milan, Moroso launched their Beautiful Backsides into the public eye. For me, the moment I laid eyes on the creations of Doshi Levien was the beginning of the sort of crush you get on a movie star where your pulse quickens every time you see the picture but you know the chances of actually meeting in person are pretty slim, let alone going home with them. The crush phase, however, has now blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Well, on my part. OK, I suppose that makes it a bit stalker-esque, but the more I learn about Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien the more I like 'em. Lots. 

Let's start with the obvious. Their pieces for Moroso are wow. I mean it. Lots of other words come to mind also, but the first time I tripped over the blue sofa online that was the only thing in my head. Just a huge wow. Period. In today's overpopulation of tuxedo lines, this is SO refreshing, and the graphic elements and colour are genius. 

Their Princepessa piece is of course a reference to the Princess and the Pea. Not only are fairytales sheer uberness but being inspired by one that pits a farm girl against the aristocracy and has the farm girl come out on top using honesty over beauty says something. 

In serious coolness even beyond that, the company is committed to sustainability, utilizing all the right Rs, which puts them at the top of my list. Also, I have big respect for the way the duo sources only the best talent in production. 

Which brings us to shoes. Yes shoes. The pedi-art that Doshi Levien have created in collaboration with John Lobb are made completely by hand by London artisans that have generations of experience in leather working and a collective understanding of human anatomy. This is what it takes to take a shoe from fashion piece to perfection. Again, not in my closet anytime soon, but sometimes just knowing that people still take pride in what they do is enough to motivate one to aspire to the same.  

We can be inspired by the greatness in what these two have accomplished in such a short period of time, but also in the way they go about their work and in finding what they need in their other half. The couple's inspiration for My Beautiful Backside is a painting of a man and a woman lounging on pillows from the stunning book "The Garden of Life", written by Naveem Patnaik, who not only is a popular politician but also an avid supporter and lobbyist for the arts and the environment. A man who truly sees the entirety of what he stands for. I think Nipa and Jonathan most likely live their life by the same principles and are a good example of, well... good. 

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sallreen said...

It also bears testimony to the possibility of intense and differentiated cultural hybrids in design as also to the fact that the risk of globalisation to design need not necessarily breed a diffused, homogenous set of forms and surfaces. Good designs, like poetry, speak an international language.