Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pretty modern

This is a nice combination. 

I sort of covet anything resembling a long horizontal box with legs. I don't really have a particular style preference (you may notice that while reading other posts on this blog) as long as there IS some. This piece from DecodeLondon is a Jethro Macey design and comes in "Hive" and "Floral" (above) patterns. As I said, this is a beautiful combination of materials, each lending their part to the texture and feel of the overall piece which pretty much adds up to fabulous. The base is solid oak... pretty nifty... but the part that is ultra (yes, I am starting a new alternative to "fierce") is that the doors are carved out of a stone composite that I am sure would give this piece an absolutely stunning look up close. 

(Insert Oooos and Ahhhs here.) 

Photo courtesy of DecodeLondon

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