Wednesday, August 24, 2011


How amazing would it be to have bottles from an actual shipwreck in your study? These are 19th C and from the Netherlands., found in a shipwreck off the Java coast. They are hanging around at 1st Dibs... A site I should be kept from at all costs! Thank heavens I am not made of coin, although I dream of being able to outfit my future home with amazing pieces of furniture in that fashion. I think pieces with history are SO much more fun, not to mention the quality of the workmanship. I had to quit visiting the site last year when I found myself trying desperately to find a way to afford a pair of French lamps that were the exact ones that my grandparents had in their home years ago. This whole obsession was renewed last week when I visited one of my favourite blogs, the French Mouse. She has posted a photo on her "Country Mouse" House blog of the most glorious 18th century shop cabinet I have ever seen. This woman has infallible taste and I am completely jealous of her life. It is possible that I could afford a barnacle laden wine bottle though :)


The French Mouse said...

You are so impossibly sweet!!! And thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my Will and Kate post...I'm so happy that I could make you feel a little bit like you were there with me :) I'm glad someone else understands the 1st Dibs obsession...I almost bought an almost affordable chandelier from a seller a few months ago, but boy did I see some completely unaffordable ones that I would have killed for! Those bottles are so the one on the far right. Thanks for the lovely mention dear!

The French Mouse

Anonymous said...

Where can I find these bottles?
Thank you.