Friday, August 26, 2011

Want and Need are Relative

Not very long ago, I FINALLY received some back pay that I have slogged through acres of red tape to reclaim from the government. I kind of knew it was coming, but also was prepared for them to find a reason why I shouldn't need it more than some Victoria politician who, say, needed a new antique desk for his office. So for the months where I waited with somewhat baited breath, I (thankfully) budgeted and prioritized every penny to pay down debt, fix up the house, and replace the computer and camera I so desperately need...  This post is dedicated to my family and friends who somehow (... seriously, I have no idea!!! :P) see me as extravagant and impractical. What??? You see? If I were impractical, would I have paid off the hydro...?

Or bought a
...Swarovski Skull ring from Alexander McQueen for $450?! Huh?!? If I were impractical, would I have paid down the Gas bill? Or would I have paid $1,385 for a crystal spiked cuff from Philippe Audibert? Or Prada Butterfly sunglasses for $290?

No, seriously... are we aware of how fabulous I would be carting my two rugrats around Nelson wearing butterfly sunglasses and spiked cuffs? Or perhaps a hand painted Swarovski necklace?

Because what else would I wear with my Swarovski...

MASK!!! I know, Right?!? Anyone who knows anything at all about me knows that the only reason the mask is not currently in my possession is because I didn't see it till today, but still... just sayin' :)

All from Net A Porter...


Artizan said...

Good thing you were practical. That would be a lot of bling, even for Nelson.

a kathryn said...

Totally :) I only really covet the mask... but there may be a need for a sparkley purchase soon... just to keep the girl in me smiling :)