Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And Just Around the Corner...

This might be cheezy, but has to be done...

While browsing quite some time ago, I discovered Cafe Cartolina through a blog I have become rather attached to as it is based out of the city where I grew up. Vancouver's Poppytalk was having Cartolina guest blog, and lo and behold, there were all sorts of wonderful shots of the lovely and teeny town in which I now reside, Nelson B.C. That is waaaay up in Canada for those of you who are desperately trying to find it on the map. (It's worth a look-see by the way.) So now I have attached myself to Fiona's very fun blog also, partly because she regularly posts yummy pictures of New York which is on my hit list, but alas, I have not managed to visit as of yet.

Anyhoo, part of Fiona's Nelson story covered my most favoritest tiny shoppe in the entire world. Wait... that is pretty hefty... Nope. I can't think of another favoritest tiny shoppe. I think this place is genius and while I really try not to copy other peoples stories, I simply have to write about them myself. I hope that is blog kosher, I am still unsure of the rules. I keep coming across these photos I had taken and every time somebody comes to visit I usher them down there to take a peek, so why wouldn't I post a bitty blurb, right? (Do head over to Cafe Cartolina to see her beautiful words and pics of Nelson though.)

If you know anything about Nelson, you know that we are filled to the gills with talented artists and crafters. Very Hush Hush is the brainchild of a duo whose prior ventures have already established them as creators of unique ceramics and textiles that have sophisticated personality.

Joining forces, Tracy Fillion and Cathy Terepocki have pulled together an imaginative and perfectly selected group of wares in the most stylin' shiny silver walls of an upcycled '64 Airstream tucked away in a back alley downtown. There is nothing more appealing to me than unearthing the ultimate find in a random place and the Very Hush Hush gallery is just that.

These lovely ladies have a keen eye for local talent and use it! In addition to their own pieces, they carry wares from designers such as Flight Path and Doha Chebib from the Loyal Loot Collective, whose colourful lathed log bowls are being seen in various esthetically astute places as of late. Very Hush Hush is definitely small town goes big style. In a teeny weeny space!


cartolina said...

Lovely post - thanks for the shout-out. And can I just say, you are a way better writer than I am!
Yay for Very Hush Hush

marnie said...

Great write up Andrea. Your blog is super awesome! I've heard your blog on the street too, keep up the excellent works.

andrea of ffft said...

Awwww.... THANX guys!


(...and yes, YAY for Very Hush Hush too!)

Jess said...

I love it! A shop in an Airstream!

design for mankind. said...

This is a GREAT write-up. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea. I want to visit your side of the world, just so I can shop in the Airstream. Sensational.

Now, the reason I stopped by was because I read a comment on an old decor8 post regarding rip-offs v's inspiration. I wanted to email you but couldn't find a link. You are a girl after my own heart, or perhaps I am one after yours! You mentioned some blogging issues that rang true for me and you are in fact the first I have seen mention them.

Just like copyright issues and the fine-line, I believe there is also one between forming and supporting a blogging community, and a cliquishness (is that a word?) that manifests itself as a mutual admiration society.

I often go in search of new blogs that aren't part of my current circle. However, I guess the 'linky'nature of the blogging world means that evetually we will all be linked in some way. It's the six degrees of separation rule.

The other issue that I try to stay on top of is the crediting of original sources. I smiled when I saw this post, given the connection with your comment written some months ago.

I was a blog reader for a very long time before I started my own, therefore had a fairly good grip on blogging ettiquete ?sp. But I do acknowledge in others (and sometimes claim for myself) an innocence when things go wrong. I would not put your cited example in this category though. THAT would have made my blood boil! For now, if I am to feature a recognised artist I first contact them for permission. I have a feeling this may be a bit OTT but I'm happier playing it safe.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, they were a very refreshing read. And I do think I may have discovered a blog outside my current bloggy world. Yay!