Saturday, August 9, 2008

For the dog days...

Last week I walked into an office downtown to inquire about taking a web design course... (I am working at not having to pull out any more hair if the innards of this computer decide once again to pull rank.) After answering a few simple questions I was ushered through a set of doors and into a week long course that I was totally unprepared for. This is my utter apology for having been absent for the past week. By the time I picked up my kids (I walk everywhere) and carried groceries home the kids were lucky if I had the energy to make something resembling a dinner. In fact, last night I fell asleep feeding the baby and when I woke up the five year old was standing over me covered in red and holding a plastic knife. Aside from the cartoonish horror and confusion that initially gripped me, I suddenly realized that it was seven thirty and I owed the child a meal. Instead of waking me when he got hungry he simply helped himself to half a watermelon.

The other reason I have no energy is the extreme heat. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in our little pocket of the universe it is about a bazillion degrees the last few days with 100% humidity levels. I am not sure how they scientifically figure this percentage thing out but I am willing to bet that feeling as though you are walking through a swimming pool means a high humidity. This is Shambhala weekend and I imagine they ordered this weather for the out of towners.

So I am offering up this gorgeous little treat that I found over at Oh Joy! These little beauties deserve a party thrown in their honor, don't you think? Why have I never thought of grown-up icies? I mean, I have never even thought of them! Not only did Krystina Castella think of them but she has compiled a book of recipes that go way beyond simply freezing some juice on a stick. I have to say that I am duly impressed. Any ideas on what you could use for sticks that look less... popsicle-y?


The Oko Box said...

mmmm- at first i thought those were more fancy soaps from etsy, that aren't edible! lol
I had been thinking about when we used to make popcycles when i was little - we'd make them with orange juice and yogurt in a popcycle mold- yum yum! They were the best.
PS- thanks for your ideas & comments, and thanks for leaving it in a covert place ;) I already wrote Blogher just now, and am writing the other group too!

cartolina said...

Yum those look great.
I went to Vancouver for the weekend and it poured rain - yuck.
Good luck with your computer course!