Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...How Does My Garden Grow?

I spent today challenging the clouds to actually do what they were promising and throw down the rain in torrents. I dressed in my winter coat and scarf so that I could get my stolen booty of plants into the ground before they dried up. Just as I figured, it never happened beyond a few drops. Silly clouds.

Possibly a quince? Maybe?

I am determined to get my forest into a usable space before my Garden Party Extraordinaire. I spent my Easter pillaging plants from the natural landscape around my mother's property. I found some gorgeous tree like things that fought back gallantly when I tried digging them up but they have wee buds on them and I think they are the babies of the gorgeous tree I spied on a walk last summer. Mwahahaaa... I don't need no stinkin' garden center!

I also found some wild strawberries (I hope) and some other things that came out of the ground by accident and I felt bad so I took them home and found them a place too. Should be interesting to see what happens. At least it is no longer just a maple forest. Dylan doesn't know it yet, but this weekend he will be building me stone steps and small walls with all the rocks I found at the back of the property. I love me a manicured forest... now, to find myself a cello player.

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