Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, Is It Earth Day?

Apparently it is Earth Day today. I say that off-handedly because I don't really have a purpose for Earth Day. I know there is a point: we are trying to get those on board who don't already think in conscious terms. If we show people that using less water or electricity or whichever actually made a difference on April 22 then perhaps those who turned the lights off in the rooms they were not using will feel empowered to do more. To do "their part". Unfortunately for the masses (and maybe for the tone of this blog) I think we should be past that. I think perhaps we should have already figured this whole thing out. It could be argued that today is a day to celebrate the advances we have made, or the fights we have won... I could get behind that... but really, the bottom line is, we are smart enough (or should be) to realize that we only have one planet and we are killing it. Period. We drive too much, even though we know we shouldn't. We drink coffee every day that is grown in bad ways by people who are abused by the companies that own them. Some of us (according to a lot of the design blogs that I read,) even celebrate our Starbucks addiction. I just ate birthday cake two nights ago off of a paper plate and didn't say anything because I know that these people (who are family) just dig their heels in and close their ears. The arrogance of our day to day is astounding and in the end (which we seem to be rapidly heading towards) whoever is left, or the aliens that find the planet, or the civilization that exists in a few hundred or thousand years... when they study us, they will wonder how it is that we, armed with the knowledge that we had the power to fix things, the capacity to understand that it was up to us, why we still broke our only home.

On that note, I feel that now I owe it to you guys to throw something pretty on here and say a few words that represent the hope that we will get it before it's too late.

Right... so here are some pretty pictures, and they actually do represent a few things that happened to wrestle their way past my cynical side this morning. Firstly, I am inspired by the fact that I can look outside my window and see the wonders of the birds nesting, the flowers pushing out of the ground and life continuing to live. The birds and flowers have not given up and we shouldn't either. The mere fact that they are there to celebrate and inspire us should be enough to get us to pay attention. The earth has given us so much beauty, sustenance and more, it would be impolite of us to not return the favour. My kids and I are sprouting tiny seedlings of native plants and berry bushes on the windowsill to plant out in the garden with the idea that perhaps they will help to feed the birds and squirrels when they are grown. Ours are in eggshells but I am thinking they may have to be transferred to a lovely terrarium to protect them from Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The butterfly mobile from Babyjives, apart from the symbolism of the butterfly for metamorphosis and all, is from their shop on Etsy. I feel very strongly that Etsy has been hugely influential in supporting and sustaining the handmade movement that is encouraging artists, stay at home moms, small and local businesses, people who use vintage and reLoved pieces and society as a whole to think about how and what they consume. The online shop is a way for us to create a local marketplace with a global education and PR. It's a system that works and could really change one of the biggest BADS of the global crisis we are in. THINK about what you are purchasing and why and how. Vote with your dollar.

The garden is from my crafty inspiration file... to remind me to make crafts with my kids and spend time with them, to be out in the garden as much as possible, to make art and in this case to make it out of scraps and found bits. I just love how happy this piece is.

The gorgeous bedding is from Amy Butler. Her line of bedding includes Bamboo and Organic Cotton and even though she doesn't have to do this to make money... her products will sell regardless... she is both running a company that is doing a bit towards making a difference as well as a company that shows that our demands for greener business practices have been heard. Buying and consuming less is not just a choice we should be making, but it soon will be the only choice. By being conscious of who we are purchasing from and supporting those that run ethical businesses we are doing a major part towards making life better for all of us. Buy LESS and make sure that what you do buy is BETTER in every way possible.

 Weigh in! What are your thoughts? Tell me something good you have seen or are happy about for Earth Day... what does it mean to you? Do you do anything special today? Do you do anything these days that you didn't used to do that makes you a "better" earthling? LOL... Leave a comment!


Wendy Kelly said...

Hey Andrea,

As usual, love your post.

Artizan said...

Belated happy earth day!