Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Fabulous Lovelies For Easter

Easter is almost upon us and I have been out raking leaves and planting stuff in hopes that I am able to pull together an Easter brunch. I wish I had the type of house where just simply changing up the decor on the mantle would be preparation enough to have people come through the door. Alas, the three men (big and small, four if you count the wee terror, and he should be counted) in my life will not allow that. I have been busy for three days stitching a super rush order quilt for a photo shoot and the fact that I have only done dishes once per day, NOT picked up the dirty socks that get left on the stairs (they think that the stairwell is the laundry shute, because... well... the dirty clothes somehow end up in the washer if they throw their stuff there at night... go figure) and only grabbed whatever off the floor during my few visits downstairs that are necessary have yielded a surprisingly nasty experience.

I am making myself feel better (yes, I could be tidying up at five in the morning, but I am thinking that I am only a wee bit insane, not completely so) by pulling out an old inspiration file that has been waiting for just this moment... LOVE all of these!

Stunning ceramics from White Earth Studio

Gorgeous bunny art from Naked Carley

Carly Swenson is moving from England to Portugal, so you can't purchase anything at the mo, or even browse apparently... which is sad because she is one of my favourite studios to peruse, but she will be back I'm sure... and with more amazing work. The only things better than the Alice vibes in her artwork is that she calls her shop NakedCarlyArt and she lists one of her favourite mediums as glue. If she lived closer we would be friends.

My favourite wee bunny maker, Julie Blanchette

From Almost Sunday

Anyone who really can't help themselves and simply must get me a gift for Easter, or even that birthday party that was postponed till May brings me a garden, this would be delightful... I covet this necklace. For a year now.

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the plant gardener said...

i found your sweet blog through wendy kelly's blog. we used to be neighbours in nelson.thank you for the link to 'almost sunday' very lovely jewelery...