Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Easter...Or Not To Easter

Via Style at Home mag and Mrs. Honey


I have this thing that I do. I plan, plan, plan till everyone around me is sick to death of whatever I am planning (why do people not care about whether there is a colour scheme? How is that?...) but then I pick something teeny weeny, such as rain or, say not having any money, to creep in and wreak havoc with all my ideals. I mean, I could have had my Marie Antoinette party last year. I did stay up for two nights icing teeny little petit fours and there were a bunch of people in costume waiting in the wings (although I didn't actually think more than four people would show up)... and I went and let a small torrential downpour ruin plans for a good garden party. Now I am doing it again. I don't have the coin to throw the party that I want, and so I am working at letting go of my full inspiration folder of ideas and doing what everyone else does instead. Blah.

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Artizan said...

Don't give up! And remember, parties are about basking in the company of those you love. Frills are nice, but secondary. Good tunes and a bowl of chips are all you need.