Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bigg Treasures, Little Boxes

I was stopped in my tracks a bit ago by the stunning works of Nicole Bigg being shown in the window of one of our local galleries, the Craft Connection. This wonderful space is an artist owned and operated cooperative that has recently been moved into new digs. The interior of the old stone building has been lovingly re-created to showcase a constantly updated and beautifully curated collection of pieces from a variety of local talent- textile artists, painters, metal-smiths, potters and others.

Nicole's sophisticated pieces are uniquely styled using images of natural elements etched into metal tags that are then layered onto wooden boxes. In a town where the artists reign supreme, it can sometimes be difficult to find something new, especially when it is home to such an established art school. It becomes rather like treasure hunting to find the best gem in the spoils. As well as being visually enchanting, these pieces have a tactile quality that draws you in to investigate and her tiny bugs and birds give the piece an instant personality that is a slightly dark version of pretty.

Not that I doubt my eye for style ;) but if I needed proof, the next chance I got to take my camera into the shop was less than a week later and all but three of the pieces were sold. I unfortunately am unable to show you the piece de resistance that got me all excited to begin with, but these little guys will give you a good idea of what I am talking about. Especially the darling asian inspired shadow box. If only my camera had done a better job! No doubt I will be able to show you more in the future as I am sure her success with these pieces will inspire her to continue with them. In the meantime, if you are interested in adorning yourself with a smaller but no less stunning array of her work, you can find her jewelry creations here on her website.

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