Saturday, July 19, 2008

Handmade Wilderness

Unique is difficult to find these days. When they came up with the notion that great minds think alike, they weren't planning on billions of people taking over the planet and consequently ideas happening at an exponential rate, good or bad or neither. It always pleases me to find something that everyone else is doing but taken to another level. So I was most pleased to come across the sculptures in Jennifer Khoshbin's 'Handmade Wilderness' series a little while ago, done with paper mache over resin.

The carved trophy head is a wonderful alternative to putting a dead animal on your wall, but this funky idea brings a whole new and light-hearted twist to the idea that I just love. She has a special gift I think. My favorite is the deer done in flocked paper and I also love her wolf head and her rhino that you an see on her website here.

Her other projects done with paper cutting are also delightful! This is a talented woman.

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