Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drumroll Pleeeeeese...!

Move over Oprah, it's time for "A Few of My Favorite Things"! Only because I have a need to share a new Etsy find and I think it's a good excuse to post about seemingly totally unrelated things all at the same time. This may become a regular thing though, be forewarned! (Disclaimer: The following is of course a complete aside from the obvious, family, friends and such.)

First up is my Etsy find. How cool is THIS!?! Would somebody I know puh-leeese get married so I can get you one of these?

This is a cake topper from Builders Studio, whose pieces (made of wood) are a nifty take on sci-fi "geek" art such as robots and ray guns from the 1930's and 50's. I just think this is one of the most unique and original jobbies of all-time. I may have a bit of a bias as I worked for quite some time in the bridal industry and to be totally honest, there is very little that gets my attention in that genre. THIS though, this is the be-all-end-all of cake toppers. It would take an awfully cool bride and groom to go for this one. So brilliant!

Secondly, is my infatuation with teapots. Anyone who knows me well (and even those who have only met me on the bus for that matter,) know that it is one of my life long goals to throw the ULTIMATE Tea Party. Not just a bitty social with crumpets.

... No, I have a very difficult time doing anything in a small way. This is sort of like calling what the Cirque du Soleil does "a nice bit of theatre". I WILL, before I die, throw at least one, and hopefully many, stupendous tea fetes. So there is my reasoning for having too many of them.

Right. That bit above there about the Cirque du Soleil was my segway into my third and definitely my favorite thing. I am totally and completely obsessed with the Cirque. The town I live in has an integrated entertainment unit and many of the soirees and events here come with some form of cirque theatre.

It is called circus arts everywhere else, here it is termed "the lifestyle". I love that. I went to see the Cirque du Soliel a couple of years ago and went with a VIP ticket. You simply cannot go back. These people design a party the same way they create a circus show. Leaving no stone unturned. From the set up of the Tapis Rouge Lounge tent to the nice guy who hands you your own hand-towel outside the deluxe porta-potty when you emerge, the entire affair was worth saving all your pocket change for, without question.

Photo credits: Cirque du Soleil Tents- pbo31 on Flickr, Robot Cake Topper- Builders Studio on Etsy, Gourd Tea set/Taunton Teapot- author's own, Centerpiece- Preston Baily's blog, Circus Arts- Neale Duckworth, Tapis Rouge- Cirque du Soleil website

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