Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh so purdy.

Oh Dear GOD! I accidentally discovered a whole new thing I can obsess over.

I was flipping through blogs this morning and found that Jessica over at How About Orange has adopted some pieces of Ben Seibel ceramics. How could these have escaped me? His designs are gorgeous! It is a darn good thing that I am beyond broke right now. I have absolutely no space left in my apartment either, which should be enough to dissuade me, but if it weren’t for these rather unfortunate details, I would be starting a whole new collection. I was happy to find that the prices listed on eBay were more than reasonable for most pieces, so if I can’t have it, maybe somebody out there can… *sniff*… We will call it karma banking. Someday when I live in my grown-up house, I will own a large set of these beauties. The shape of the jug is so lovely and who doesn't want nifty little green fish all over their dishes? Really, there is nothing about this man's work that I don't love. Except for the part where I would have to choose a set. That maybe.

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