Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dishing on the Goods...

Is it just me or has the common tea towel turned "must-have pop art expression piece" as of late? This is the part of the design world that I always find amusing. All of a sudden the world as a whole grasps at something that seems unlikely at first but then wholeheartedly jumps on board with an idea as though it has always been. What started out looking so unique as a concept becomes strangely old hat. Well, before we toss in the tea towel as last year's accessory, we have the full right to take it on this year as a permanent art fixture in our kitchens. Or in the case of some like these, pretty much any room of the house if you are so inclined.

My personal favorites are these tongue in cheek designs (above) from Esther Diamond. Based in New Zealand, this company is centered around a healthy dose of humor and a visit to their website will remind you that life is meant to be filled with a daily smile or three.

Creative Thursday and Atelier LZC recently showed in Cincinnati's Nicholas Gallery at the Mad Tea {Towel} Party, alongside other rather brilliant artists, including both textile creators and graphic designers.

A trip through Etsyland will provide no shortage of wonderful designs (as well as some neato vintage finds,) such as these lovelies...

Almost makes washing the dishes... well, I am not even going to say it. Almost though.

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The Oko Box said...

i love the "do the dishes" towel - i so need that hanging above my sink!