Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Market, To Market We Go...

So, I make pretty things. Well, I think they are pretty. This would be why I make them. I make pretty things for living spaces out of eco friendly stuff. I LOVE fabric and the best kind is the kind that isn't covered in formaldehyde. You might be surprised to find out how much ickyness goes into the fabrics that cover your home and body. But I am not into preaching, I simply intend to infiltrate as many houses as possible with my eco-warrior ideas via pillows and linens.

I am not going to make a habit of posting my own stuff, (cause there is a chance somebody would tell me it isn't as pretty as I would like to think,) and normally wouldn't... but I am doing some market research and want to ask people that I don't know or rather, who would tell me some honest things. I need some questions answered. So I am posting them here because... well I don't really know how else to do this. I thought about standing out on the street but quickly dismissed this as a) it is friggin cold out this time of year, and b) I am looking for people with good taste AND who put at least a smidgen of thought into their nest. That rules out a good percentage of Nelson. I love this town, but home decor is not really at the top of important things around here. Snowboarding, drinking good coffee and a crazy vibrant arts scene yes... sofas, no. And it woud be hoped, that you, dear readers (all three of you at this point, lol) are at least a bit interested. Definitely you are stylin, or you wouldn't be here, right? Hahaha... yes. Well.

So. Some Questions:

1) What was the last thing you purchased for your home that was of a decorative nature (ie, not a lightbulb)?

2) Where did you purchase said item?

3) Roughly how much did you spend?

4) Do you consider the purchases that you make for your home to be well thought out, impulse buys, "I only buy what I absolutely love" or filler (like as in, "I need a pillow for my sofa. Oh, here's one, I'll take it.")?

5) Do you ever purchase anything (that is not "safe to buy without actually seeing up close" like CDs or books) online?

6) How important is the eco-factor in your purchases? Mucho, kinda or not at all?

7) How often do you "upgrade" the look of your abode? Are you the seasonal type? Or have you just decided on a look and stick with it? Or is your space a collection of items from the past decade that you have added to a bit at a time?

8) Wal-mart, Anthropologie, Hermes or the artisan market?

9) Are you sick and tired of answering questions yet?

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to get you to answer these... :)

(PS. Yes, Bee, the bee was inspired by you!)