Celebration Quilts

For people who are embarking on a new and special adventure in their life, a wedding or a new baby, or simply anything worth coming together to celebrate. The Celebration Quilt was my first product of this sort and came of an idea from a friend's wedding where, in lieu of a guest book, squares of silk were sent out with each invitation for guests to decorate. As her friends and family are artists, the end result was fabulous. Her mother stitched it together so that it could be hung at the reception and it was wonderful for people to gather around and see it come together, as well as a fabulous conversation piece.

The concept of the Celebration Quilt is for family and friends to have their well wishes embroidered onto a square and then for these to be joined into a useable artform that will stay with the couple through the years. It allows for the guests who are unable to attend to be represented. Also, the ability to have a quilt done ahead of time allows for it to be displayed at the wedding or shower. Many people send out Tapestri's contact info with their gift registry. Some quilts however are organized as a surprise to the couple by the wedding party or a group of guests. The more people involved, the more amazing the gift.

Tapestri products are created from the highest quality natural fabrics and fills, by my hands. I work closely with either the couple or the family and friends to gain a sense of the recipient's style, colour preferences, and, if applicable, the size of the guest list, to accommodate accordingly.

All Tapestri products are designed to fit into different price points. The quilts are sold by each square, typically purchased by the guest who is delivering the message. These are available in multiple sizes, small ones for those who just wish to leave their name and perhaps a tiny graphic detail, up to squares that spell out an entire piece of poetry.
Sienna's Baby Quilt