Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Market, To Market We Go...

So, I make pretty things. Well, I think they are pretty. This would be why I make them. I make pretty things for living spaces out of eco friendly stuff. I LOVE fabric and the best kind is the kind that isn't covered in formaldehyde. You might be surprised to find out how much ickyness goes into the fabrics that cover your home and body. But I am not into preaching, I simply intend to infiltrate as many houses as possible with my eco-warrior ideas via pillows and linens.

I am not going to make a habit of posting my own stuff, (cause there is a chance somebody would tell me it isn't as pretty as I would like to think,) and normally wouldn't... but I am doing some market research and want to ask people that I don't know or rather, who would tell me some honest things. I need some questions answered. So I am posting them here because... well I don't really know how else to do this. I thought about standing out on the street but quickly dismissed this as a) it is friggin cold out this time of year, and b) I am looking for people with good taste AND who put at least a smidgen of thought into their nest. That rules out a good percentage of Nelson. I love this town, but home decor is not really at the top of important things around here. Snowboarding, drinking good coffee and a crazy vibrant arts scene yes... sofas, no. And it woud be hoped, that you, dear readers (all three of you at this point, lol) are at least a bit interested. Definitely you are stylin, or you wouldn't be here, right? Hahaha... yes. Well.

So. Some Questions:

1) What was the last thing you purchased for your home that was of a decorative nature (ie, not a lightbulb)?

2) Where did you purchase said item?

3) Roughly how much did you spend?

4) Do you consider the purchases that you make for your home to be well thought out, impulse buys, "I only buy what I absolutely love" or filler (like as in, "I need a pillow for my sofa. Oh, here's one, I'll take it.")?

5) Do you ever purchase anything (that is not "safe to buy without actually seeing up close" like CDs or books) online?

6) How important is the eco-factor in your purchases? Mucho, kinda or not at all?

7) How often do you "upgrade" the look of your abode? Are you the seasonal type? Or have you just decided on a look and stick with it? Or is your space a collection of items from the past decade that you have added to a bit at a time?

8) Wal-mart, Anthropologie, Hermes or the artisan market?

9) Are you sick and tired of answering questions yet?

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to get you to answer these... :)

(PS. Yes, Bee, the bee was inspired by you!)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Runs with scissors...

Holy Freakin' Cow! The effort one must put out to find a few minutes on a computer in this town! (Cows are holy by the way, it is OK to say that.) My computer has, it seems, fallen into the vast nothingness that is the office of the only Mac guy in town. I sent it by way of sneaky-like-spy through a friend of a friend who he owes a favour to and it STILL has taken weeks and weeks! Not a very big favour obviously. So frustrating!

I keep seeing things during my wanderings (like this...

...and this...)

Christmas tree made from coat hangers and snow of crushed glass...

that make me want to run to the nearest USB cable and download, but it just doesn't work that way in such a town as Nelson. I have even resorted to cleaning my house to keep my mind off blogging! Did I mention the cow? The holy one? Yes, like that.

I will have to continue this the next time I can steal time on a machine. It has taken so long to download these photos and whatnot that I must now depart. Ack! So soon! I have barely written anything and I have so many things to chat about! I hope you are all out there feasting your wallets on craft faires and markets! Indie and handmade are our mantras this season (as should be every season) and I will be bringing you some lovely ideas from my deeply camoflauged Martha streak soon enough! This year I combined a bit of Domino with a dash of Martha and taught myself how to make stained glass gingerbread. YUM! Pictures soon, I promise! Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed that I get my little metal friend back asap! Till the next time, here's to more rum in your nog!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Shhhh! I am being sneaky and blogging from a computer that I am not supposed to be on. So naughty! I am the only person on the planet who is actually good at crashing a mac. This would be my reason for being absent for what is seeming like forever... to me at least! I haven't had my computer for weeks now and it feels like an arm is missing...

I have been using my downtime (insert laughtrack here) to catch up on my other favorite activity, my magazine obsession. Always the most fun is British and Australian rags and I am just on Cloud 9 with all the hints of the Yule Season this year! (That is not PC, it's the word I have always used because I think it reads as a more well heeled and nature inspired version of Christmas.) I say hints because, strangely, what gets me all tingly are the sparkly candlesticks and trying to decide on a scheme for the abode.

This is not meant to be a post on Christmas decor, but it was this image which led me to the site of Honey & McAlpine where they have a rather interesting take on the trophy head trend that has been around this year. I quite like this idea although the prices are pretty steep. I like the garden sculptures as an ethereal ornament for all seasons, but the first one would make the most hauntingly beautiful focal point for outdoors in December. Not advocating the practice of blow up snomen and rooftop sleighs here AT ALL! We should get that straight. But I like this... and I like how the unadorned wire kudu disappear into the surroundings the way they would in real life. Like shadows.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Served Up In Style

A few months after I first moved to Nelson, I was invited to an "alter-ego" party where you were meant to dress up the part. Not knowing anyone in town yet and knowing these people to be theatrical, I figured that I should dress as a German dominatrix. I ended up getting quite friendly with a German. He was dressed as a woman. Where am I going with this? Well, pottery of course! This nice fellow invited me to his place a few days later to "cook a big fish." He didn't strike me as the domestic type, (he was over six feet tall and wearing a rather bright orange dress that was a few sizes too small when we met so forgive me for not getting a clear picture,) so imagine my delight when presented with the most stunning salmon dish served with organic greens and roasted walnuts over some sort of divine cheese concoction. My favorite part of the meal however was what he served it on. His roomate was a potter and the entire meal was served in the most unbelievable pottery. Each dish was completely different and even the salt and pepper shakers were beautiful works of art. The food would have been delicious regardless, but there was something about eating off of handmade, one of a kind earthenware that made the dinner an experience.

I have a penchant for sets of dishes, but it is my goal to collect dishes that go far beyond normal plates and bowls. I have completed my trove of pink depression glass and I would like to compile a collection that is more artistic now. These fit the bill. Organic, textured, a beautiful balance of colour and sophisticated greys. A natural but artistic look of high quality. All from the beautiful etsy studio of Lois Aronow from Brooklyn, New York. (I love that her influences include Antoni Gaudi.) Lovely.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not that I am in the market for more stuff to fill my apartment with, (I am still working on the editing concept, I am not winning) but I was browsing Etsy and came across these little jewels from fine furniture crafter Michael Arras

I love the unique yet simple play of circles in the tables and the lovely curves of the chair frames. Beautiful pieces like this are as much about style and display of personal taste as any painting or other work of art. We sometimes think that to add a sense of individuality we are limited to framing pieces for the wall or perhaps stretching as far as an interesting vase. 

If you think of your room as a way to showcase one or two really unique pieces of furniture however, then your statement flows throughout the room adding layers of interest, not just pushing the conversation pieces to the perimeter of the space. The intimacy of a space comes from allowing the personality to shine through in details such as the ones here. Next to the simple lines of a linen upholstered tuxedo sofa, the table would act as an accessory the way a scarf or hat completes that sassy and sophisticated Chanel suit. A touch of whimsy to make a classic your own. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting Started Early...

Some of my new favorite things from Cox & Cox. I am not much of a shopper, truth be told. I do love buying gifts for people though... especially unique, beautiful and ingenious ones. I have a teensy Martha streak (although I am loathe to admit it). I am NOT the domestic goddess type, but it's OK, they have an apron in this shop especially for me so I can make some snowflake cookies. I DO love to present things beautifully, and the collection of ribbons, stamps and such has me mentally wrapping gifts as I go! Do take a gander at their website, it is so beautifully presented and so many more interesting goodies than what I have here. Very well priced as well if you are used to purchasing from across the water. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute, cute, cute!

I know there has been some major cuteness on the market for the last couple of years, and to be quite honest, cute is rarely my thing. I can appreciate the appeal, but I just haven't really found my place in the cute scene. However, this morning I found some definite CUTE that I just have to share, on (where else?) Etsy.

I think Jamtart Baby is really on to something here. She has a wonderful sense of whimsy and a flair that almost tells a whole story with just one simple illustration.

I love her use of colour and white space and the way you can get a piece of art for your wall to go with a pillow. Genius. Her tagline reads "Sweet things for the modern baby..." which is definitely true, but I can see her pillows and prints in any fun space. Or any "too modern" space needing a hit of fun for that matter! There are definitely a few too many "serious" modern living and bedrooms out there. Let's throw some happy at them people!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spark Tart

On to metal...

One of our local design divas wields a mean blowtorch, taking the current popularity of metalics to a whole new level! Maintenance welder turned furniture fabricator, Kate Tupper sheds a new light (a really freakin' hot one) on the design industry with her indoor/outdoor one of a kind pieces. From a chaise to a wingback, she uses both new and found bits and bolts to create a modern take on classic shapes for a signature piece that is as sculptural as it is functional (although you might look into a lovely cushion or two as well).

Look here at Spark Tart for more...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thos. Moser

I have the feeling this is one of those things that everyone knew about but me.

I am totally thrown buy how stunning the pieces from this 36 year old company are. Each piece is grain matched and hand carved. I grew up with a woodworker in the family and have a real appreciation for both wood as a medium and wood as a pure natural entity and I absolutely fawn over quality pieces that really utilize both to create a beautiful functional piece. Just exquisite.

All photos from Thos. Moser.