Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Checking In...

I wonder if this means that I don't visit my mother enough? I try to write at the library, but it is pretty useless with a half hour and no way of adding photos. The only way I seem able to get on here is if I spend time at my mother's house and since that has provided you with merely two posts in the last long while, and she only lives forty minutes away, I am thinking "my bad". Oh well, she is not an idle woman, she probably couldn't fit me into her schedule anyway :)

I promised you a flash mob, and so here it is. The Canada Day in Nelson BC Flashmob at the park right before the fireworks started. I would personally like to thank Cheyanna for driving into town a kazillion times to help with the rehearsals, and give her a huge KUDOS for facing the politics with her unstoppable (and gorgeous) smile. (I am not kidding, she has perfect teeth and rays of sunshine pour out of her mouth when she speaks...) The story behind the scenes is not very exciting so we will leave out the bit about the "we were looking more for pretty seventeen year olds"(- OOOPS... did I just do that? Gosh, sorry... it's the Aries in me...) As I did not check the facebook page that day (you guessed it, no computer) we ended up in the wrong part of the park and missed the whole thing anyway. But still, I promised...

That's it for the personal for now... on to more fabulous things! I NEED to share my new passion with you! I passed the thrift store the other day (in a car I wasn't driving silly, or of course I would have parked in the middle of the street and went in!) and spotted an authentic vintage box of Spirograph! Five bucks! Yes I hightailed it back there ASAP, but this town is not full of stupid people and I missed. WHY they went and put it in the window I don't know. That was just mean. I fully believe that the true treasures should go to those willing to give a throrough search of the building. But, I digress... what has ensued is a full-fledged mission to gather as many fabulous and gorgeous games as possible over the rest of my days to fill my home with fun, laughter and great detailing. Both vintage and craftsman versions are welcome... and there are some very design savvy samples already on my list.  I will share some of my faves down the road, but I simply had to post about this gorgeous set now.

This ridiculously stunning version of Scrabble is designed by BYU grad Andrew Clifford Capner. The set, which comes in a minimalist birch box, is made of walnut, with options on which fonts you can order your letters in.

The concept was to bring to the (games)table a version that got people as excited about typography as the idea of tripple word scores. Scrabble has always been one of my favourites, and this version would take center stage in my living room. Scrabble is one of the top ten on the list of games that sneak education into play for those that need any more incentive. As far as my thirty second research shows, the game is still not in production, but obviously once Hasbro sees it on this blog, manufacturing will soon follow. Feel free to write to them if you feel as strongly about purchasing this game as I do!