Friday, March 2, 2012

To Do... Make Felt Cookies

I have been meaning to go to the store and buy some cardstock to make up a chore list for my kids. It can't hurt right? Partly because I walk everywhere and the trip downtown is somewhat of a luge run of ice, but also because a plain old list of chores and stars (as much as my kids ADORE stickers) just doesn't seem awesome enough to get my kids' butts in gear, I have been procrastinating. HA! Imagine, if I can't even MAKE the chore list, what kind of example am I setting for them to pick up their toys??? LOL, anyway, I digress...

Today my inbox had the PERFECT solution for me. Thank goodness I didn't spend that five bucks on paper and star stickers! Urban Threads, which is where I get my favourite embroidery patterns from, has a tutorial posted for THIS:

Brilliant, I know, right? I love the way Niamh and the other UT girls think. They make everything fun, and even if you don't own an embroidery machine, you can still make a version of this for your own little rascals. I really think this just might do the trick. We painted their room a bit ago and have built a loft bed into the space and I love how it is coming together, I just can't see the floor. Ever. So this is being done this weekend. Promise.

And since we are on a monster kick, if you're feeling crafty, you could head over here to vote for your fave monster from their readers projects. I adore the zombie bunny :)