Monday, September 29, 2008

The GREAT STORE Commeth!

WOOOO HOOOOO!!! The Gods are at last answering my humble prayers and sending an IKEA to a city near me! I have to say I am not partial to the location (Westbank), but it makes sense. Ten or more hours to the closest one right now= bummer. A new store four hours away however, is in the works for a town that has finally reached whatever their prerequisite population is.  Finally I can go for a weekend shopping trip! YAY! 

Oh the Joy. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like It Was Only Yesterday.

I wish I was doing this right now... 

Today is the first day waking up to the soggy grey ick. How can it be this grey out when it was so spectacularly sunny yesterday? Should we not be allowed by the grace of nature to fall gradually into the darker time of the year? So I am returning us all to last weekend's fall fair in Harrop.

As a city girl turned cosmo-hick I am always saying that I live in the middle of nowhere, but in actual fact, Nelson is quite a happening little town. The REAL middle of nowhere is out past Harrop- real country life. 

I love it. I am all about prize chickens and dressed up zuccini as long as it isn't my responsibility to keep them alive. Don't get me wrong, I adore getting my hands dirty in the garden, I'm just still learning. And bugs freak me out. 

Here are the fruits (and veggies) of somebody else's labour...

Best dressed veggie table...

The card says "I want to be a pumpkin." Any veggie
sporting a hand felted pashmina is a clear winner.

Gorgeous fall blooms.

You can't see them clearly but this plant
 is covered in bees!

Everybody havin' a good time!

Photo credit: Sarah Grieve

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Castle In the Clouds...

...Except that I live in Nelson, BC and we don't do tall buildings.  Which is, of course, why I live here. That doesn't extinguish the desire that my alter-ego has to live in something like this in either an industrial space converted, or a glass building. I have plans to build one, right after the purchase of my small country of a piece of property on which I will build the space that my initial-ego wants to live. That abode is altogether different. The problem with imaginary houses is that they could be anything, and one sometimes has a rather difficult time deciding on what they want. This one does anyway. So in the meantime, I dream away as many hours as possible, re-arranging furniture in my imaginary castles... and cottages, and boathouses and... 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picture, Picture On the Wall...

I have been watching the posts over the last little while with interest regarding the gallery wall phenomenon. (This one is my favorite.) I remember reading in both House and Home and Style at Home (both Canadian) magazines quite some years ago about hanging tons of pictures together, first as a picture wall with identical frames, then later as a gallery wall with differing styles put together to give the idea of a collection amassed over time. I think the idea of putting "stuff" in there is fun too. So this is mine.

I am only slightly embarrassed to say that the frames hung on my wall empty for months. I bought them on a trip to Ikea over a year ago, but never got around to filling them. Then I realized that with two little boys running around such a small space, that the glass should maybe be harder to get hold of, so I put the frames up on the wall with the mantra "I'll do it this weekend" playing repeatedly in my head. And I really did have the best of intentions.

Masque from the Cirque du Soleil and seashells from the seashore...

What has ended up happening however, is that the photos intended for the frames kept having "issues" and in the meantime, I have framed one nifty thing at a time and now have more of a museum wall instead of a gallery-esque one. Each of the items framed has a story for myself and my family and I personally love what is coming together. What do you think?  The few frames that are left are for those photos that will find their way there when we stop our little quarrels with the matting man and the developer. (The painting isn't really part of the scheme, but the frame that goes there is the same size and I figured it would give you a better idea of scale and proportion. That particular frame is being held hostage by the framing shop who can't seem to tell the difference between grey and white.)  

Beautiful Japanese card from a dear friend, carved dragon from my brother's travels to Thailand, a vintage (how long does it have to be before we can call it antique?) carved wooden cartoon block press that was a gift celebrating my bridal studio opening, an osprey feather my son found walking with Grandma, and my collection of vintage animal stamps I promised I would show you here...

These are many many other, more fancy type ones... 

Above photos via Design FormuLA

Above two via Elle Decor

Via Smoke and Ochre

Via Abbey Goes Design Scouting
Via Jonathan Adler

Via girlhula at Flick'r

Via Abbey Goes Design Scouting

Above via Apartment Therapy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspired By The Garden of Life- Doshi Levien

This year in Milan, Moroso launched their Beautiful Backsides into the public eye. For me, the moment I laid eyes on the creations of Doshi Levien was the beginning of the sort of crush you get on a movie star where your pulse quickens every time you see the picture but you know the chances of actually meeting in person are pretty slim, let alone going home with them. The crush phase, however, has now blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Well, on my part. OK, I suppose that makes it a bit stalker-esque, but the more I learn about Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien the more I like 'em. Lots. 

Let's start with the obvious. Their pieces for Moroso are wow. I mean it. Lots of other words come to mind also, but the first time I tripped over the blue sofa online that was the only thing in my head. Just a huge wow. Period. In today's overpopulation of tuxedo lines, this is SO refreshing, and the graphic elements and colour are genius. 

Their Princepessa piece is of course a reference to the Princess and the Pea. Not only are fairytales sheer uberness but being inspired by one that pits a farm girl against the aristocracy and has the farm girl come out on top using honesty over beauty says something. 

In serious coolness even beyond that, the company is committed to sustainability, utilizing all the right Rs, which puts them at the top of my list. Also, I have big respect for the way the duo sources only the best talent in production. 

Which brings us to shoes. Yes shoes. The pedi-art that Doshi Levien have created in collaboration with John Lobb are made completely by hand by London artisans that have generations of experience in leather working and a collective understanding of human anatomy. This is what it takes to take a shoe from fashion piece to perfection. Again, not in my closet anytime soon, but sometimes just knowing that people still take pride in what they do is enough to motivate one to aspire to the same.  

We can be inspired by the greatness in what these two have accomplished in such a short period of time, but also in the way they go about their work and in finding what they need in their other half. The couple's inspiration for My Beautiful Backside is a painting of a man and a woman lounging on pillows from the stunning book "The Garden of Life", written by Naveem Patnaik, who not only is a popular politician but also an avid supporter and lobbyist for the arts and the environment. A man who truly sees the entirety of what he stands for. I think Nipa and Jonathan most likely live their life by the same principles and are a good example of, well... good. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics (showing to September 7 at the Gardiner Museum in Queen's Park, Toronto, Canada.

Porca Miseria porcelain and metal chandelier, by Ingo Maurer, 1994. 
Photo credited to Tom Vack

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sexy Suds...

I believe the word is drool

This would aptly describe one of the most stunning bathroom designs I have ever seen. I am a bathtubaholic so I have seen a few fancy bowls in my life and of course I dream of Boffi, but I think this is a complete fit, don't you? A complete bathroom design from Il Bagno Bandini  out of Italy, but I will have to take a course in Italian before I understand the specs. Who cares? Specs schmeks! I may not know what type of wood this is, but I trust them to know what they are doing. And the entire look fits perfectly with these!

I had so much fun looking for tubs (for what will now be tomorrow's article) that I lost track of what I was doing and ended up in the land of sinks and showers. Who knew the possibilities? Who knew? (Well, you may have an inkling after the next post or so... depends on how much more I can find. SO yummy...) 

Stay tuned...

Why White?

Where have these been all my life? I KNOW! Here there is all of this fuss about the box in lah dee dah North American tissue factories but over in the stylin' homes of Japan they stock the bathroom shelf with black tissues! Why have we always gone white? Are we some kind of snot purists? NO LONGER! We can now purchase 20 boxes of super luxe looking snotrags for $149 here. I had a neato pack of zebra print tissues once that cost me my pinky finger, but black... well this is something all together different. A whole new level of phlegm retrieval. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pretty modern

This is a nice combination. 

I sort of covet anything resembling a long horizontal box with legs. I don't really have a particular style preference (you may notice that while reading other posts on this blog) as long as there IS some. This piece from DecodeLondon is a Jethro Macey design and comes in "Hive" and "Floral" (above) patterns. As I said, this is a beautiful combination of materials, each lending their part to the texture and feel of the overall piece which pretty much adds up to fabulous. The base is solid oak... pretty nifty... but the part that is ultra (yes, I am starting a new alternative to "fierce") is that the doors are carved out of a stone composite that I am sure would give this piece an absolutely stunning look up close. 

(Insert Oooos and Ahhhs here.) 

Photo courtesy of DecodeLondon


So... not that I have $850,000 to spend on a new home, but I would like you to all do me a huge favor and head on over to this site the next time you have a few (like 30+) minutes to kill. Far too many pictures to put here.

I don't know about you, but who doesn't love a house tour? These GORGEOUS prefab homes at Livinghomes highlight the architectural genius of Ray Kappe (I am a huge fan) and Kieran Timberlake (new discovery for me) with naturally inspired modern architecture. The kind that makes your mouth water. The brilliant (and rather time consuming, there is lots to look at) part is that you have the option to be actually talked through the home by the owner, who happens to be the founder of Livinghomes, Steve Glenn. He walks you through the eco-features and details of the home with a sense of humor that is easy to listen to.

My future paradise will hopefully boast a tiny version of the "waterfall" house. I don't even know what I would do with five bedrooms!