Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Time For COZY!

... and have I got some cozy goin on right here!

First up, a pair of knit clogs from Ruche (have I mentioned it's my favourite?) which are so darn adorable (and stupidly inexpensive) that I am seriously contemplating spending the money reserved for a certain canceled field trip on them instead. I think I can find a way to justify that. I am not entirely sure that clogs are the most practical shoe for... wait, what am I saying... when has the concept of practicality been my issue?

If you are looking to cozy up more than just your toes, I found this tres nifty wallpaper on Cartolina this morning when I was looking up some info on their most fabulous new iPod app launch... she always has the greatest finds over there... worth a daily looksee. Believe it or not, this is not only cool looking, but it is also woven to feel like knitting and I just think that is the bees knees! I love this stuff for a nursery, but I think it would also look kinda cool juxtaposed with gray stone maybe in the form of a fireplace. Or concrete would work too. It's one of those things that doesn't look so hot on the roll, but once it's up, it's pretty awesome. I am not that into photo mural wallpaper, I am a chintzy flourishy type... but I would adore it in your house!

Strikk out of London has an etsy shop that can send you some adorable home things that perhaps you hadn't thought about... how about vase cozies? No, I hadn't either, but how cute :)

... and they do knitted hangers, which I think would look pretty brilliant in that nursery with the above wallpaper. No?

These crocheted asters from Leninka's shop are simply gorgeous...

Ohhh, so much about autumn I love... the trees are turning, the scarves and gloves are coming out of the closet, and the feel of Thanksgiving in the air already... I must now go out to store up on a hot chocolate stash and some Green & Blacks for my pantry. Happy Autumn!