Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a quick hello!

Here is another one with no pics cause it is just such a sloooooow computer I am hijacking. I probably should go and get some lunch. Anyhoo...

I watched another movie that I have to share titled "House of D". It has David Duchovny in it whom I am not a huge fan of, but I LOVE Robin Williams so I picked it up from out local aforementioned AMAZING video shop. Have I mentioned? Anyway, it turns out that neither of them are a huge part of the movie and that it may never have even made it to the big screen because I can't find anyone who remembers it.

The story is one of those that has a bit of everything, some laughing, some crying and a bit of laughing through tears which I believe makes it a chick flick. Don't worry though, not in a J-lo or Jane Austin kinda way. The story revolves around the childhood memories of Duchovny's character as he approaches the "becoming a man" stage of life at 13. He is played by a charming lad whose name I don't know. His best friend, Williams, is a challenged forty something year old who makes for an interesting sidekick. I don't think I will go fully into the plot because I think everyone would take something different from this flick, but there are great characters played by Tia Leoni and Erica Badu who really bring the whole thing together. Not life altering or anything, but a really good solid story.

On another front, it will be my birthday at the end of March and I am gathering ideas for it using (what else?) wedding magazines. I feel that as I have never really celebrated a proper birthday party I will put some effort for this one and so far it is coming together smashingly. If anyone wants to contribute ideas, please let me know.

Invitations... hmmm... well let me see if I can get a photo or two downloaded here.

Oh so sad... I can't get it any bigger. But they are in a magazine called Creative Weddings out of Australia. SUCH a fabulous photo spread with a Marie Antionette bent with such a cutie as the model. I am thinking to do flocked paper if I can find it online. I collect pink pressed glass dishes so I am going to lay out a crazy amazing desert table. I may even run with the Marie Antionette thing and do my hair up like hers. A few feathers never hurt anyone...

Gotta go, lunch is over and my course instructor is giving me some sort of eye.