Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Couch Cushion Architecture

It has been awhile since I have seen genius that made me laugh like this. Whoever is writing this is brilliant... and so are the "architect/builders"... well, most of them :)

Visit this blog for a really stinkin' good review of the latest Couch Cushion Architecture...

"The crisp, orthogonal structure is, in a way, camouflaged by the informality of the landscaping. While a clear bifurcation exists between site and structure, we give high marks to the close coordination of architect and landscape architect in using similar materials to exaggerate the divergent design concepts. Grade: B+"

"We greatly admire the use of coffee table as lateral moment-frame in this application. The solution is both formal and fun, offering the users a sequence of experiences beginning with the entry to vaulted ceiling to raised deck. Grade A-"

... and it gets better! The BUILD blog is new to me, but worth a go through :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


I don't know how to type that to make it sound the way Jim Carrey says it. Doesn't matter. The point is, these FANTABULOUS bags really defy corny segways, but the fact that they are comprised of retired firehoses makes it pretty much impossible not to try. I simply love it when eco truly goes above and beyond. Recycled stuff, cool. Street cred, cool. Great fashion sense, cool. BUT... anything to do with firemen is sheer awesome AND the fact that fledgling label ISSI took Elvis & Kresse's firehose bag concept a wee bit further and found some really talented artists and said "hey, we have some old fire hoses here, see whatcha can do with them..." WAY beyond brilliant. Leave it to the brits. I. Want. One.

The entire bag is made from re-used materials, including insides clad in parachute silk. I mean, c'mon... you just can't script cool like that. I know now what it takes me to pay that much for an "It Bag". Nevermind Balenciaga, or Hermes... although I won't bat an eyelash for a "re-cycled" one of those... but this yummy carryall below trumps both. Won't even cost as much as an Hermes... And waaaay less metal to contend with. SO nifty.

Yes, thank you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Piece by Piece...

I hear rumour that quilters are organized. That they IRON before AND after they sew pieces of fabric together!!! Well, let's not call me a quilter then. I am a fabric piecer togetherer. I have a favourite quilt that has fallen apart so completely that the other day my seven year old offered to take me shopping for a new one. Hmmm. So I figure what with me having more fabric than I have room for, making a quilt should be easy. The part where I DON'T HAVE ROOM for this fabric is really the key here though, as it would most likely have sewn itself into glorious fancy things ages ago had I had the right amount of space to do it justice... for right now though, the "studio" is over run with lovely little bits of thrifted vintage linens and such that I am puzzling together one piece at a time. There is most likely a term for this in the day of yoga and meditative everything.... I shall call this "intuitive quilting". Organic Intuitive Quilting, as in, I don't iron or measure, I just sew, sew, sew to get it done in two days. I will save the measuring and ironing for the pieces I do for others...