The Handmade Gift Guide

For The Wee and Wee At Heart

Easy DIY Sculpted Crayons
Coloured Macaroni Beads
Colour Macaroni Bead Necklace
Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnets
DIY Anthro Animal Hooks
DIY Monster Stuffie (note: I always machine stitch the face etc to the front piece first THEN pin right sides together and stitch/stuff.)
DIY Easy Peasy Anything Pouch (I LOVE this, it could be personalized any way to fit what's inside so it makes for a great kids crafting tools, art supplies and/or sewing and crafting supply organization tool as well as something funky that I will be giving my sister for her iPod, sunglasses, etc. Put a photo of whatever is in the pouch ON the pouch!)

These three images are from the FREE OWL CALENDAR DOWNLOAD on the right hand side of the page. The 2012 link is right under the 2011 link and has all new artwork. Print it out, dress it up and you have a calendar that is customizable to each person AND this year she has made it so you can do gift tags and such as well! Plus there are 15 more artists this year :)
This Bird Mobile from Spool is super fun and easy to customize through colours and fabric print choices. I have made a few and they are crazy easy if you have the sewing thing down. I also really liked the one where I painted the branch white.

Slightly More Grown Up Taste

DIY Colour Painted Spoons (sidebar: please don't use actual silver for this!)

DIY Scrap Wood Art
DIY Wine Cork-Board
DIY Wine Bottle Lamp
Garden or Planter Markers
DIY Cut Bottle Vase
DIY Painted Bottle Vase w Raised Relief

DIY Recycled Fabric Bowl (could use for coasters and trivets as well)
DIY Repurposed Vintage Art Silhouette
DIY Erdem 2010 Inspired Fabric Covered Shoe
DIY Reuse Your Old Jeans OAK Chucks
DIY Easy Watercolour Portrait
DIY Fancy Embellished Sox
I couldn't find the original source for this Felt Rosebud Basket. It is very easy and if you use natural wool felt, or that made from recycled pop bottles it is also an eco gift. Which is awesome. The thicker the felt the easier it is to make.
DIY Doily Bowl (uses this clay)