Monday, March 28, 2011

Industrial Resoloution

I like old stuff. I mean I really like old stuff. It's kinda ridiculous really. I finally had to stop dragging home junk from junk shops because I don't have space for things I don't even understand, let alone use. There is a junk shop in town that is owned by this family who are old time Nelsonites. They are probably part of a lineage from the days when there was silver here, and most of the stuff in their shop is probably left overs from that rush. They also own half of Nelson's real estate and every time somebody moves out of one of their rentals whatever is left behind gets stored in the basement of the house, so there is literally a ton of houses in this town with a ton of junk that gets eventually put in this store to be sifted through. An ongoing garage sale. Ten per cent of it is really worth something, but the  part I like is the ninety per cent  that is dusty and missing a few pieces and it is questionable as to what it actually for. I know, ridiculous.

 Part of my brain, the smart part, understands that it is much MUCH easier to simply find the right thing for the job online. For those of you who live in a city, any city really, I am sure you have access to places where it is simple enough to find old industrial things, or at least knock off industrial pieces these days since the look of the last few years has had a definite industrial edge. I find something infinitely funny about companies knocking off old stuff. That is one of those things that the aliens are going to label us with when they find us: "Manufactures new items that resemble to a great degree, artifacts from many earth years previous for the collections of other humans to place randomly throughout their living areas for no apparent reason". Yup, that's us. If I could get there though, these beauties from Urban Outfitters would be coming home with me. You know, so I could "organize" my office and living room areas.

Also, that chair that was meant to be reupholstered not so long ago... yeah, turns out that wasn't as easy a fix as they make it look on TV. Granted, it was a few years ago that I watched those shows now... like, ten. But if I can sew something somebody wants to get married in, why shouldn't I be able to sew a fairly straightforward slipcover? Even if it IS out of ten smallish and odd shaped pieces of fabric that were unearthed in a FREE bin. I want my chair to look like THIS:

...and the gorgeous setee and pouf can come along for the ride. If I could have a house chock full of vintage chairs and sofas, I would be a happy camper. Why it is that my family doesn't see the gloriousness in every single chair with good lines in the thrift store is beyond me. Sigh.

Oh well, I am still on the hunt for some amazing industrial type pieces for my place, but I prefer the real stuff. I guess it's a good thing I can't just run to Urban Outfitters and pick up a piece on a whim. (Their prices are ridiculously low and they actually do ship some stuff to Canada.) If there was anything in my bank account and I could visualize not having a coronary over the shipping, I would be all over anything from the Justin Real shop on Etsy.

Some of these pieces found by my friend Jenn over at The Chicks blog would be very happy in my space. Anything with metal wheels is my friend. She has such an amazing eye and talent for thrifting, but also knows so many fabulous places to score a unique find in and around Vancouver. I think I may just have to get her to bring me a funky wheelie thing or two when she comes to visit me.

Of course, when I moseyed over there to grab the photo and URL I found so many more things to gawk at, so you may want to head over for a gander. I love their style :)

So basically I am spending this time procrastinating and mentally redecorating instead of figuring out my tax stuff, the hydro bill, Liam's medical card scenario... all the stuff I should be doing right now. Back at it I guess... or maybe to the thrift store to see if there are any chairs that need a new home! Hmmm...


Samantha said...

Sometimes I wish I knew how to weld so I could make stuff out of old scrap metal. Not everything in my home, but just a few pieces to catch the eye.

Plus, how cool are women who can weld?!

andrea of ffft said...

Super AWESOME cool!, That's how cool!!! :)

Bedding and Comforters said...

MUCH easier to simply find the right thing...