Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ahhh... They're Heeeeeeere!

OK, so Heather (the photographer) has just dropped off her son. She is off for a day trip to the U.S. and her boy and my boys are going to fight play for the day. And this is important to you becaaaaaaause....

...she ALSO dropped off the CD of photos! YAY! Yes, those photos... which means two things. FIRST, I am going to spend the next hour fawning over them and won't be writing a post as such today. I will however post a whole bunch of photos here and on the other blog... just cause. When I have loaded them up on this computer which I am not supposed to be doing such things on...

THEN (are you noticing that I am in a capitals mood today? Excited much? Yes...), I am thinking that I am going to be devoting the rest of the month to All Hallows. As it should be! I am so obsessed this year with finally having a yard and house again to decorate that it has kind of taken over everything around here. I also have the help of Dylan... which, in itself is rather miraculous... who is apparently as obsessed (if not moreso) than I am. Of course, we are coming at it from completely different perspectives. He is wanting to buy animatronics from online shops that I can't even look at for the gore factor... I am searching for sophisticated ways to portray a mix of Dia De Los Muertos with Samhain to create something beautifully All Hallows Eve-ish. The Martha in me vs. the H.P. Lovecraft in him. Oh, the joy :) So, I will have some DIYs, some decor posts (of course), and some random Halloween inspired topics I found whilst searching for decor ideas, that I think are rather interesting.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving (if you are up here in Canada) long weekend :) This is the only photo I got this weekend. Yes, the beginning of the centerpiece. Long story involving family politics, lots of rain and having to wash my four year old's hair whilst dinner was being served by my mother. Oh, how I love Thanksgiving.

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