Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day Playing Dress Up

Well that was harder than I thought it would be. Sheesh!

Can I just tell you how awesome it is to pile a bunch of pretty things in front of a huge mirror in a park and then let all the gorgeous children you know go to town on it? I highly recommend it as a pick me up.

I wasn't going to tell you about the stress level, but I think everyone should commend these kiddos and Heather the photographer for braving the elements (we are talking BLACK clouds and a serious thunderstorm that broke while we were halfway packed up) and working around frenzied stylists who were setting up three locations at the same time... and trying to keep tiny prying hands out of the whipped cream!

This may be a good place to send HUGE thank yous to Stephen and Becca who not only baked all the raspberry goodies, but carted stuff around and helped set up the table! Also, a special thank you goes to the Green Poppy for her ridiculously stunning, sustainable and organic bo-Ks as well as to Honey Candles for the gorgeous (and divine smelling) organic beeswax tapers. And of course to the Fairies Pajamas for the adORable top hat veil!

Also, I finally got some gorgeous photos of my (un-ironed) quilt! YAY!

If you want to see more (and more) photos, there is a dressing up and stuffing faces (elegantly, of course) post, and a moment with our lovely bride Kate in another post. I simply couldn't fit all the photos into one post. Or two for that matter. I will be giving more details on the members of our lovely team on the other blog... and as well, there will be another post here with some of the lovely details of the behind the scenes. Ok, perhaps not lovely, so much as wet and cloudy... but Yummy! For sure yummy.

Our contributers deserve a HUGE thank you for going above and beyond!

Photography:  Heather MacMillan of  Many Skies Photography
Concept & Styling: Tapestri (Andrea Bell) & All About Afternoon Tea (Becca Hunter)
White Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Layer Cake and Meringues: All About Afternoon Tea
Cupcakes: Simone from The Kootenay Baker
Sustainable Floral Goddess: Nadine from Green Poppy
Organic Beeswax Tapers: Honey Candle Co.
Tophat Birdcage Veil: Fairies Pajamas
Pink Glassware, Props: Tapestri (Andrea Bell)
Embroidered Wedding Quilt: Tapestri

...and very special thank yous to our models!
Lydia, Virginia, Frances, Paloma, Aeowyn, Aziel and our bride, Kate.

Please leave a comment... I am dying to know what other people think! I really love the photos... but since we will be doing a few more of these, I would love feedback. Be gentle :)

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