Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Party Invitations

A ridiculous amount of time has been spent rounding up the best invites from around the internet. Of course Martha reigns supreme in this crafty department, but a good graphic and a printer are all you really need to get a sophisticated invite out the door. If you haven't sent yours out yet though, you'd best get on it!

Awesome wood grain paper sets a great foundation for this simple but effective card invite.

These invites use stamping and collage for a more time consuming, but not that expensive invite that will blow the pants off the competition... because, let's face it, you will have to step it up these days on the holiday that comes in second only to Christmas, as far as how much effort goes into celebrations. I sit firmly in the more time, less cash category, and fully believe in the principle of going for a walk and collecting your materials vs. purchasing fancy papers, cardstock and ornamentation at expensive craft stores. Not that I don't have a ridiculous amount of scrapbook paper simply because I am a pretty things addict. I know that with some black paper, some kraft paper or something similar... some teabags and such... you could do some very similar things to these!

The use of props might indeed up the expense factor, but it also ups the drama! If you are planning a fairly small soiree, this might be the way to go! You will definitely get people's attention!

This one kind of takes the cake in the WOW factor department. I can't imagine having the time to gather and create these... but in case the day arrives that I do have that kind of time and resources... this one is going in the permanent inspiration file! Can I get another WOW?

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