Friday, October 21, 2011


I am working on a macabre wedding photo shoot for today and tomorrow... (and yesterday was spent sewing the gown) so whilst I am marrying bridal to All Hallows, I thought I would leave a couple of jolly good and creepy sites for you to peruse!

Pumpkin Rot is possibly the most genius use of Jackolantern's I have seen... a property decorated with gigantic and amazing sentinels in the creepiest and coolest way imaginable... an artist truly after my own heart! The installation is added to every year and the photos on the site are brilliant! But beware, none of them are cute!

If you are looking for cute though, you can find it on this site... although it's gonna take some digging! A similar medium, and on par genius, Stolloween is both an etsy shop and a blog that takes you through some of the processes and character outlines of the awesome creations...

Hope that leaves you with some fine halloweening for the day... will be back soon :)

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