Monday, October 17, 2011

All Hallows Soiree Food Ideas

I'll be honest with you. It feels just slightly weird to jump from pretty little girls eating cupcakes to creepy gross halloween stuff, but I am not the sort that goes in for cute on Halloween. I DO have some adorable ideas sorted for the treats I am going to prepare for our upcoming (fast!) All Hallows party. Today we will be making the invites (although Facebook seems to have made that redundant) and I will take photos to share... but in the meantime, our transitional "cute" will be these goodies. 'Cause from here on in, it's going to be much less twee!

I'm not kidding, do NOT visit this site unless your sweet tooth extends to your visual side this morning... the treats here are adorable! Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats. Yup, says it all, no? These marshmallow Frankensteins are on the menu for sure! There is a bit of little known FYI here too, did you know that Boris Karloff's name was actually William Pratt, and that he changed it on the train from Nelson to the U.S.? Probably not. Most of the people who live here don't know that, but I used to have a historian as a neighbour. There is a theory that the name came from the Doukobours that immigrated here shortly before his arrival in the Kootenays. Cool.

This ingenious use of yogurt pretzels is here...

...and this really fantastic one is here.

Working out how to make white chocolate fingers for the zombie cake (which sounds delish).

These mini pumpkin tarts are really freaking cute! I adore anything bite sized, and if you are going to go and add a face to it, it makes the list!

These mummy pops are way high on my list too. Easy, yummy (I love Oreos), super cute and easy. 

I am getting a toothache putting all these photos together in one place... and since we are not a group that generally goes for sugar induced comas, my thought is that these may end up being carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I have never made carrot cake as cupcakes, so do not take my very unexpert advice on this one... I will be checking with my mom. Either way, still awesome looking!

As gorgeous as these are using whole apples, I am going to do this with apple slices. As mentioned, we are working out cutting down on the sugar factor and as well, bite sized means that everyone can enjoy a bit of everything. Also, have you noticed the tendency for the smaller folk (and some of the adult ones, Ahem, Dylan...) to eat the caramel off and a few token bites of apple but leave the rest as "core"? Slices should take care of that. A lemon juice mixture should help with the browning or I will just wrap them until ready to serve. What am I talking about... if they can't handle the browning of the apple, they certainly won't be able to cope with the following... cause cute time is over folks :)

OK, admittedly this molded jelly is more garden party pretty than creepy... but if I can find myself a brain mold, we are talking some fabulous ick action, me thinks!

This is actually meatloaf (she made, and ate, three versions to get this one... some serious commitment to halloween cooking there!) and for some reason I felt better about serving this when I thought it was a form of grilled zucchini so I may go that route instead. BUT that doesn't mean it's going to stop me from serving this to my family for dinner sometime between now and then!

Ooops! Alright, he's cute as a button. But I am lumping him with savoury, and since sweet and cute seem to go together in the halloween food world, and the creepy stuff tends toward the savoury, we are just going to keep it that way. I don't want to turn your stomachs after all. Also, these pretzel bones are from the same place. They will be going on the table with some spiffy mustards. Because mustard is TOTALLY creepy.

I don't have a photo of my witches fingers and couldn't find a representation, but if you throw some hot dogs of any sort (chicken or veggie works as well) into the frying pan, and cook them up dry, they will blister. Cut them in half (but you can't cut them till they are cooked or they won't blister) so they are party food size, and dribble ketchup and/or HP sauce (I mix the two) out the cut end after they are on the plate, and you have creepy witches fingers. I will update this when I remember what I used for the finger nails. It's been a few years.

That's it for now for the party food... I will do up the drink post for tomorrow, so check back. In fact there is loads more to come for All Hallows posts, including some nifty things I learned while researching. I don't ever throw an event without researching. I found some very cool things to share with you... I know I blew your mind with the Frankenstein info :)

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