Monday, November 14, 2011

Alternative Embroidery

From Urban Threads
 Possibly you don't know that I embroider things. I do. Weeeelllll... I have a machine that embroiders things. I did actually take up cross stitch when I was about twelve... for maybe a week. I think I got half a flower done. Which may explain why I have the utmost regard for people who have the patience for it. I really REALLY like the look of it, especially in places that may not be the most obvious spot to find it :)

I'd pretty much kill for anything in Christopher Kane's embroidered leather collection.

Via Green Wedding Shoes
These invites used an actual embroidered on paper master that was then scanned and used to create a unique set of invitations. It would be lovely to do embroidery on paper... for a wedding though, that's a lot of work. You would need minions.  I could use some minions...

Sigh... Back to the machine... I am off to do another quilt :)

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