Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Honey Candles: A Green Candle Company

When we started planning our pink Dressing Up shoot awhile back, we tried to make sure that we pulled together as much in the way of eco product to display as possible. The gown was reLoved, the flowers from an eco florist, the tablescape was entirely vintage and the ingredients in the baked goods were organic and local. We also contacted a local company that makes the most gorgeous organic beeswax candles in existence.

Many people don't realize exactly how toxic regular paraffin candles are, both in how they are made and what comes off of them when you burn them (read: what you are breathing in!). Honey Candles is a small (14 employees in busy season) company based in Kaslo, BC that specializes in all things good about candles... from the way they are produced to the unbelievably fabulous way they smell! They also debunk all the myths about how beeswax comes in only... ummm... beeswax colour. They have pretty much perfected the filtering process (they filter their own) and use natural dyes that allow them a range of vibrant colours (including blue!) as well as white, like the gorgeous tapers used in the Pink shoot.

In addition to the heavenly natural scent of the beeswax (I kid you not, I may just carry a candle around with me from here on in and smell it once in awhile to put myself in my happy place, it's that good) they offer gorgeous scents such as Lavender, Mulled Spice, Evening Bloom and Rosemary Mint.

While the company says that 90% of their business is wholesale, and they are growing all the time, they are more than happy to accomodate weddings and you can shop for candles for your home on their website. There you will find pillars, tapers, tealights and even church and birthday candles. Their selection also includes really nifty "shaped" candles (see above photo) that would be super pretty for an autumn or Yuletime wedding. Their website is a great wealth of information on the eco aspects of beeswax, and what the company does to contribute to helping with the decline of honeybees.

I have been burning the pillar from the All Soul's shoot for... oh... well, forever now. The burn time is incredible, and did I mention the scent? If you are looking for favours that live up to your green wedding standards, a gorgeous gift for your vendors and/or candles as part of your decor, Honey Candles is more than worth a look!

PS... This is NOT a paid post :) Just a heck of a good find!

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